Ketamine Infusion Therapy Houston PTSD Bipolar Affordable Treatment Released

Effective treatment of depression, bipolar, PTSD, psychiatric disorders and chronic pain is now more affordable with the just-released Ascend Affordable Ketamine Infusion Treatment Package.

Houston Texas-based Ascend Ketamine, a professional and accredited treatment clinic, announced the launch of their affordable treatment so all patients can access life-changing therapy. The affordable ketamine infusion therapy can also come with compassionate care, individual patient follow-up and mood tracking tools to monitor the journey towards wellness.

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Recently released, the Affordable Ketamine Infusion Treatment Package is offered by Ascend Ketamine to make the therapy more accessible to a higher number of people. For instance, the Ketamine for depression treatment, which treats anxiety, PTSD and other psychiatric disorders, includes a 1-hour treatment by highly-trained emergency physicians, state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, compassionate, patient-focused care and weekly mood tracking tools for post-infusion support costs less than half the average weekly American wage.

New patients can also take advantage of a complimentary consultation to determine if Ketamine is the right option for them. Scheduling a consultation is as simple as clicking on ‘Consultation’ and then filling out contact information so that a team member can get in touch.

The complimentary consultation gives the Ascend team the opportunity to answer any questions about the Affordable Ketamine Infusion Treatment Package. Plus, the team will also address any concerns, and determine if ketamine infusion therapy is the best form of treatment for a patient’s depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain or psychiatric disorder.

With an outstanding reputation, Ascend Ketamine is a professional clinic that has helped thousands of patients to enjoy a better quality of life. The clinics philosophy rests on the importance of integrative medicine that offers a quality of health.

When asked about the Affordable Ketamine Treatment Package, a representative of the clinic said, “The treatment is designed with a budget in mind, so that everyone can have ketamine. Plus, we don’t just address the immediate health problem – depression, PTSD, anxiety – we address lifestyle choices and consider making changes that will support continued health improvement.”

To find out more about Ascend Ketamine and their Affordable Ketamine Infusion Treatment Package, call 210 610 7489 or click on the link above. Site visitors can find out more about the clinic, other therapies, and book a consultation.

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