Kent WA Commercial Janitorial Green Cleaning Industrial Services Announced

Square Inch has announced they can now offer their hi-tech commercial janitorial and cleaning services to local customers in Kent, WA. The services are ideal for businesses that need green hi-tech cleaning and other services.

Square Inch has announced they can offer their hi-tech commercial janitorial and cleaning services to local customers in Kent, WA. Square Inch Clean offer various cleaning services including office cleaning services and janitorial cleaning services using hi-tech cleaning and green B2B cleaning. The services are ideal for anyone that needs their workspace or office cleaned professionally.

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Customers will discover that Square Inch provide cleaning solutions to businesses in an affordable and top quality manner. It is common for businesses to pay a vast amount of money to hire experts to fix minor problems as there is usually no other option, but Square Inch provides an affordable alternative.

Square Inch is a new, innovative type of facilities provider mainly known for janitorial services. It also provides specialized services that most companies need, but are forced to look elsewhere through additional service providers at a much higher cost.

Square Inch specializes in serving companies that manufacture high tech or utilize high tech in their production and operations, but also smaller companies that may just be starting out and have smaller operations and budgets. Clients will find that Square Inch offers health conscious alternatives, risk reduction and greater utility.

These services include green janitorial services, basic facilities maintenance, basic IT support, pest control systems management, and other janitorial and cleaning services.

Clients will see that amongst the services provided, Square Inch offer smart business hi-tech janitorial services. This means Square Inch is fully knowledgeable in working around computers, data, communications and electronic systems, working to reduce the risk of systems interruptions through RF feedback, electrostatic discharge and data corruption.

This can be hugely important because all these things can affect operations, and most traditional cleaners wouldn’t know how to protect them. Full details can be found on the URL above. Additional information is available at:

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