Kent UK Safe E Cigarette and Vape Quit Smoking Starter Kit Launched

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Kent, England based E-cigarettes and vape company, Smoko, has launched an exclusive range of safe e-cigarette and vape starter kit for the current pandemic. This launch is aimed to help the rising number of smokers who want to quit or are looking for safer alternatives

Smoko, an electronic cigarette and vaping company based in Kent, England, announced the release of their updated e-cigarette starter kit as a healthier alternative to regular cigarette smoking.

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The latest release aims to encourage more people to try this effective and hassle-free alternative to traditional cigarettes. Smoko’s e-cigarettes are considered popular among all age groups owing to their realistic smoking sensation, consistent vapor, and taste.

The World Health Organization released a statement in May 2020 that held direct tobacco use responsible for 7 million deaths every year, with 1.2 million non-smokers dying from second-hand smoke exposure. It also quotes a recent study conducted by public health experts that confirmed a higher likelihood of developing severe disease from the pandemic for smokers than non-smokers.

This has been a contributing factor to more smokers opting for a non-smoking lifestyle change.

The company offers a variety of high quality, pharmaceutical-grade flavors on e-cigarettes that are designed for simplicity and ease of usage. The British vaping company is one of the few brands that makes its e-liquids with superior quality ingredients sourced from within the UK.

All products are made in the UK to ensure they meet high-quality standards and customer satisfaction.

The Kent e-cigarette company assures customers of complying with top testing standards and confirms that its e-liquid range is free from dangerous chemicals like acetoin, diacetyl, and pentanedione, which is usually found in other e-liquids.

Founded in 2012, the English company is committed to offering a virtually odourless, affordable, and satisfactory smoking sensation. Its e-cigarette refills are pre-filled, avoiding leakage and messy refilling.

A spokesperson for the company says, “Since the first national UK lockdown began in March 2020, we have seen a 140% increase in the purchase of our cigalike product. And the timing is not a coincidence. In a recent survey of new customers who bought e-cig starter kits, 65% stated that their main decision to switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes was COVID-19-related.”

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