Kent UK Best E Cigarettes Vapes Company Becomes Carbon Negative Report Released

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UK’s leading E-Cigarettes and vapes company, SMOKO, recently became one of the first carbon-negative e-cigarette brands. It released a report of all the initiatives they employed to curb its CO2 emissions and offset SMOKO’s environmental footprint.

UK’s premium electronic cigarette company, SMOKO, recently reported initiatives that will make it one of the first carbon-negative E-cigarette brand in the world.

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The latest report scrutinizes SMOKO’s environmental footprint and lays down various foundational initiatives that curb its CO2 emissions and offset its carbon footprint.

The UK E-cigarettes and vapes company had calculated an entire year’s carbon emission from its office, shop, vehicles, shipping, and vans that delivered the products to its end costumers to arrive at the figure 62.5 tonnes of CO2. However, it committed to offsetting 246 tonnes for the following year, which is almost 4 times their annual CO2 emission.

SMOKO pursued various global carbon offset projects simultaneously, such as a wind farm project in Turkey, a landfill gas capture project in Thailand, a solar power project in India, protection of the Amazon rain forest in Peru and Brazil, a mangrove tree planting project in Madagascar, and a landfill gas extraction facility in Istanbul.

The report released that the E-cigarette and vape company carbon offset activities prevented over 246.68 tonnes of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere as of July 2020. That equals to 612,013 miles driven by an average car annually.

Additionally, they also supported the planting of 10,537 mangrove trees which will offset 3,161 tonnes in the years to come – that will be the equivalent of removing 7,842,689 miles worth of car journeys or driving around the Earth’s equator almost 315 times!!!

Founded in 2012, the company aims to help its customers improve their health and quit smoking with its simple and affordable electronic cigarettes, vapes, refills, and e-liquids.

SMOKO offers E-cigarettes with pharmaceutical-grade flavors, and e-liquids having high-quality ingredients sourced from within the UK. Its products are tested to the highest standards for ensuring maximum quality and client satisfaction.

A satisfied customer says, “SMOKO is recommended for anyone who has been trying to quit smoking for years and hoping for a lifestyle change. I was able to quit after 20 years of chain-smoking and switched to SMOKO’s Original flavor due to its realistic smoking sensation, consistent vapor, and taste. I can smoke without fearing health complications like heart diseases and cancers.”

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