Kennewick Dentist Dental Phobia & Anxiety Comfort Dentistry Program Launched

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Kennewick, Washington, dental clinic Southridge Dental launched a new Comfort Dentistry program for patients dealing with dental phobia or anxiety. The dedicated team can help patients overcome their fear and get the care they need.

Southridge Dental, a Kennewick, Washington, based professional dental clinic, announced the launch of a new comfort dentistry program for patients struggling with dental phobia or anxiety. The clinic’s modern and effective comfort solutions allow patients to receive modern and fear-free dental treatments.

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According to recent research, it is estimated that up to 30% of the population suffer from dental phobia and do not go to a dentist. With their newly launched Comfort Dentistry program, Dr. Sean Simper and his staff at Southridge Dental are changing the lives of many of those suffering from a fear of dentists.

Dental phobia leaves people panic-stricken and terrified. People with dental phobia have an awareness that the fear is totally irrational, but are unable to do much about it.

One of the common reasons people develop dental phobia and anxiety is fear of pain. Fear of pain usually stems from an early dental experience that was unpleasant or painful, or from dental “horror” stories they have heard.

Dental anxieties and phobias present themselves in a wide variety of ways, and specific fears vary from person to person.

The team at Southridge Dental use many different things for each patient’s dental phobia or anxiety, depending on how severe it is. Some of these include sedation dentistry, nitrous oxide, painless and portable x-ray procedures, numbing gels and a powerful local anesthetic that, when combined with prescription strength numbing gel, makes dental procedures painless.

Whatever the patient’s individual level of anxiety may be, Southridge Dental is committed to making sure that each visit is as comfortable, quick and easy as possible.

Dr. Simper holds a Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry, which places him in the top 5% of all dentists nationwide.

Southridge Dental and Dr. Simper are the only Kennewick Dentist to place in the top 3 of the People’s Choice Awards as Best Dentist and Best Dental Clinic.

A spokesperson for the clinic said: “If you have a fear of the dentist, you’re not alone. As your trusted dental care partner, we are well aware of how frightening the thought of the dentist’s chair can be. With that in mind, we’ve created a physically and mentally comfortable environment at Southridge Dental. If you suffer from dental phobia or dental anxiety, contact Southridge Dental today.”

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