Kennesaw GA Personal Mattress Fitting – How to choose the right mattress for you

Ga Mattress Brokers in Kennesaw, GA released helpful tips for customers looking for a new mattress. The company recommends that buyers consider factors such as durability and sleep position.

Ga Mattress Brokers in Kennesaw, Georgia, has released new guidelines to help customers find the mattress that best suits their sleeping needs. For individuals in need of further assistance when choosing a mattress, the sleep shop offers personal fitting services via appointment.

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Research has found that roughly 27% of adults in the United States struggle to fall or stay asleep. Ga Mattress Brokers’ new report aims to provide customers with the secrets behind mattress choices that can improve their sleep patterns.

One factor to consider when purchasing a mattress is sleep position. Individuals who typically sleep on their side, for example, require a plush top and firm support system to relieve pressure from the shoulders and hips.

Back sleepers, on the other hand, should opt for a mattress that provides a firmer feel and support that will maintain proper spinal alignment. Depending on the curve of their vertebrae, some back sleepers may require a memory foam in the mattress to conform to their unique shape.

In order to prevent a swayback posture, stomach sleepers should find a mattress with firm support both on the top and underside. The report recommends, however, that this type of sleeper should attempt to train themselves to sleep on their back or side.

Other influences that should be noted when mattress shopping include technology, heat, durability, allergens, and partner disturbance.

Individuals who prefer the feeling of being “held” at night may enjoy the pressure-relief of a memory foam mattress, while those who enjoy more bounce will probably sleep better on a hybrid or traditional innerspring mattress.

To maintain a temperature-neutral sleep environment, the experts at Ga Mattress Brokers recommend a mattress with knit, bamboo, or TENCEL covers.

In terms of support and durability, one of the most important factors to consider is foam density. Mattresses with denser foam last longer and better conform to the body to distribute weight more evenly.

To prevent allergens and dust mites, the company recommends a memory foam or latex mattress and should include some form of waterproof mattress protection.

Finally, for sleepers who are easily wakened by their partner’s movement throughout the night, the report suggests purchasing non-coil bedding or a mattress with individually pocketed coils works best at stopping the motion transfer.

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