Kennesaw GA Optometry Vision Exam And Correction Expert Full Services Launched

Classic Vision Care based in Kennesaw, GA, announces its eye care service by expert optometrists. They provide a wide range of vision correction services with the use of the latest technology.

Classic Vision Care based in Kennesaw, GA announces its full-time optometry services. It is led by board-certified optometrist Dr. Mital Pateland her team of professional optometrists.

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This company has several experienced optometrists to suit e,ach individual’s needs. Dr. Patel and her team offer a wide range of vision correction services that include designer glasses, superior quality contact lenses, and LASIK laser eye surgery to restore ocular health and clear vision.

Other than vision correction services, the team of optometry experts at Classic Vision Care has state-of-the-art vision technology to carry out diagnostic and testing services for several eye conditions, including eye infections, dry eye, and computer vision syndrome. They are equipped with optical coherence tomography(OCT) machines for specific optical biopsies and diagnostic testing.

Classic Vision Care can provide their patients with suitable glasses, either traditional or handmade boutique frames to match the preference of the patient. They also offer a wide array of stylish, handmade frames and prescription lenses for patients struggling with farsightedness, nearsightedness, or astigmatism. From extremely sleek and durable OVVO® frames to Foss handmade Italian frames, they have the right glasses for every patient. They also help choose sunglasses that accommodate vision or eye health, and also high-quality contact lenses.

The skilled optometrists at Classic Vision Care are able to diagnose and correct astigmatism using the latest most advanced technology. They also screen for glaucoma and help patients manage the disease and refer them to a specialist when necessary.

Their experienced staff help patients make lifestyle changes to prevent or slow the progression of macular degeneration. They also specialize in the treatment, after the disease develops. They provide fast long-lasting relief for Blepharitis, which is an eye condition that causes serious irritation in the eyelid margins. The team of expert optometrists can diagnose, treat, and povide strategies to prevent diabetic eye disease.

Eye allergies can cause troublesome symptoms like itchy watering, red eyes. The set of skilled eye care providers have the latest and most effective solutions for such eye allergies. Their digital eye strain experts can efficiently treat the effects of computer eye strain by prescribing lenses and eye exercises. Classic Vision Care is committed to caring for their patients and they create individualized treatment plans for healthy eyes.

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