Kennesaw GA Optometry/Eyeglasses Eye Exam – Foss Designer Frames Launched

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Classic Vision Care (1-770-499-2020), a clinic that serves the community of Kennesaw, Georgia, launches its updated selection of eyeglasses.

With this development, customers now have a broader range of styles and price points to choose from. The practice offers both traditional and handmade designer products, including heavy-duty Foss frames.

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The revamped offering is especially ideal for those who are not good candidates for contact lenses. All patients will be handled by Dr. Mital Patel and her team of highly experienced board-certified optometrists.

While contact lenses have grown in popularity over the years, not everyone is comfortable with using them. Aside from being harder to wear and maintain, they also need to be replaced every so often, thus making them more expensive in the long run.

Classic Vision Care understands that patients want a more hassle-free alternative, which is why it offers eyeglasses to patients. Before prescribing a pair, the clinic will thoroughly evaluate the patient’s eyes through tests like visual acuity, refraction, color vision, and peripheral vision.

Aside from greater convenience and cost savings, wearing glasses also offers a host of other benefits. To begin with, they provide added protection against the wind and dust particles. Moreover, they can also serve as stylish fashion accessories that reflect the wearer’s personality.

For their convenience, prospective clients can request an appointment online. They simply need to visit the website and fill out the online patient form.

About Classic Vision Care

Classic Vision Care strives to be the one-stop shop for all of a patient’s eye care needs. In line with this, it offers a broad range of offerings, including treatments for common eye diseases, contact lenses, visual acuity exams, and specialized diagnostic tests. In addition to its flagship location in Kennesaw, it also has branches in Marietta and Atlanta.

A spokesperson says: “The Classic Vision Care team truly cares about its patients and takes the time to create individualized treatment plans for the clearest vision possible. We invite everyone to drop by and see our collection of top-notch eyeglasses. You’re sure to find one that suits your style and budget.”

Interested parties may visit if they need further details about the clinic and its services.

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