Kennesaw GA Mattress Store – Firm/Plush Bed Personal Fitting Appointments Update

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GA Mattress Brokers (770-410-8943) in Kennesaw, Georgia, announced their new personalized mattress fitting services. Clients can book a one-on-one shopping appointment for help with selecting the right mattress and sleep accessories. Virtual and in-person appointments are available and can be booked online.

With the average American spending roughly one-third of their lifetime in bed, choosing the right mattress for one’s unique sleep style and preferences is of the utmost importance. The family-owned and operated business recently updated its services to offer clients a private boutique shopping session rather than a traditional retail experience.

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When asked why they are shopping for a new mattress, an overwhelming number of clients stated that they suffered from a lack of sleep, restlessness, and a sore back. Poor sleep quality can negatively affect mental, physical, and emotional health, explaining why so many individuals feel achy, irritable, and fatigued throughout the day.

The newly updated mattress fitting appointments are ideal for those who are overwhelmed by the number of choices available or are unsure of what type of bed is best for their unique sleep style.

For instance, side-sleepers will likely prefer a different density than an individual who sleeps on their back or stomach. With a wide inventory of mattresses, pillows, bed frames, bedding, and more from top name brands such as Dreamcloud, Ghostbed, Nectar, and more, the store has something to suit every style and budget.

GA Mattress Brokers take the time to listen to their client’s wants and needs in order to help them determine their personal sleep number and create a line-up of suitable candidates to choose from.

About the company

Voted one of Georgia’s Best mattress Stores in 2021, GA Mattress Brokers is proud to provide their community with top-quality beds and sleep accessories along with outstanding client service.

When asked about the basics of his business, the company’s founder and CEO, Matt Wolf, had this to say, “We believe in helping you pick the RIGHT mattress, not just any mattress. With all the different brands, feels, technology, and pricing, how do you know which one is right for you? GA Mattress Brokers was started to be a resource to the community and to help educate people on how to answer all of these questions, get better sleep, and save money in the process.”

Interested parties can browse inventory, read client reviews, and book an appointment for a personal shopping experience by visiting

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