Kennesaw GA Blue Light Coating Lenses Computer Eye Strain Relief Launched

Classic Vision Care, a full-service optometry centre in Kennesaw GA, has just launched its blue light filtering lens coating, designed to reduce eye strain caused by looking at digital screens.

Classic Vision Care, a full-service optometrist with premises in Kennesaw and Marietta, Georgia, has recently launched premier-quality blue light filtering lenses to reduce eye strain while using laptops, phones, and digital devices.

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The newly updated range of specialist coated lenses at Classic Vision Care now includes a blue light filtering option, ideal for glasses-wearers that frequently use computers and devices with light-emitting screens.

Classic Vision Care estimate that around 80% of Americans spend at least two hours per day looking at screens, including phones, tablets, and personal computers.

Blue light from these screens can contribute to dry eyes, blurred vision, chronic headaches, itchy eyes, and neck and shoulder pain.

The qualified and professional optometrists at Classic Vision Care can offer new prescriptions with the specialist blue-light coating on lenses, minimizing glare and reducing eye strain.

These protective coatings can even be added to speciality glasses for people that do not require sight-correction, but simply want to protect their vision from blue light.

The professional team at Classic Vision Care also offer ocular care to people in Marietta and Kennesaw given their experience in all areas of optometry, including glaucoma, dry eyes, astigmatism, macular degeneration, blepharitis, diabetes, and myopia.

They can also assist with eye infections, prescribe speciality contact lenses, and arrange corrective sunglasses.

The optometry centre is led by board-certified optometrist Dr Mital Patel, who has expertise in designer glasses, high-quality contact lenses, and LASIK laser eye surgery.

With her team of optometry experts, Dr Patel can diagnose and correct a range of ocular complaints, including computer vision syndrome caused by excess blue light.

A spokesperson for the company said “With the use of phones, tablets, computers, and other digital devices now higher than ever, about 59% of Americans suffer the effects of computer eye strain. If you’re dealing with sore eyes, dry eyes, or other possible effects of computer eye strain, reach out for professional help from digital eye strain experts at Classic Vision Care.”

Appointments at Classic Vision Care can be booked online or over the phone.

For more information on pricing and contact details, visit the URL above, or call +1-770-499-2020 today.

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