Ken Fiedler Injury Law, Slips and Falls.

Ken Fiedler will work on your behalf to ensure you know the next steps if you are injured due to a slip or fall. Offering free consultations and case reviews, they will work to make sure you're not further inconvenienced because of someone else's negligence.

While most people would believe that both slips and/or falls occur when the weather is bad, the reality is that slips and/or falls can happen at any time. In fact, falls alone result in 8 million emergency visits per year representing the leading cause of visits to emergency rooms.

Injuries from slips and/or falls can be vast: causing fractures, scrapes and lacerations. As a person ages the injuries resulting from slips and/or falls become more severe, in fact, incidents of falls go up per decade of someone’s life. Injuries relating from falls are estimated to cost $13-$14 million per year in the United States. Slips and/or falls can occur anywhere and can occur to anyone, and in most cases are due to the negligence of someone else. Buildings, homes, parking lots, and walkways are required, by law, to be maintained to ensure they can be safely travelled. If a slip and/or fall has created a personal injury leading to large medical bills, time off work and continuous pain or suffering you are entitled to compensation.

If you have been injured due to a slip or a fall, seeking medical attention can be absolutely necessary. The severity of the injury could mean multiple trips to a hospital, surgeries, or a prolonged stay. While hospitals will assist with documenting the totality of an injury the paperwork received and medical bills released can become confusing. If a slip and/or fall results in needing assistance from multiple different medical professionals, keeping track of every visit can also become difficult. Medical bills can become very expensive and overwhelming. If personal injury has occurred from a slip and or fall stemming from someone else’s negligence continued and expensive medical bills can feel suffocating and frankly unfair. At this time it is imperative to have someone in your corner, who can coach you on the steps to take and find as much compensation for you as possible.

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