Kelowna Real Estate Getting Back To Nature for Wellness

Blue environments, such as Kelowna real estate development McKinley Beach, can promote wellness. For more information, please visit

Water has a calming effect on almost everyone. Scientists aren’t entirely sure why, but just being near a body of water can reduce stress and relax the mind, which can lead to more positive physical health effects. One in twelve Canadians live with a diagnosed heart problem, while 5% of adults are living with a mental health issue at any given time. While medicine is an important part of treatment, the environment also impacts how well a patient recovers and lives with their condition. McKinley Beach, one of the jewels in the Kelowna real estate crown, is one such environment that is conducive to positive wellness, because of its proximity to the water.

Living in “blue environments,” those that are on or near a body of water, can lower blood pressure, promote physical activity and improve mental health, according to studies done in the U.K. That sense of relaxation from being by a natural water source, be it a lake, pond, river, or ocean, is a phenomenon virtually everyone has experienced; Anyone that has been on vacation to the Okanagan can likely attest to those very effects.

If feeling good and healthy for a week or two out of the year is beneficial, then living there year round must be even better. The Kelowna lakeside community of McKinley Beach provides all of these benefits and more. Being right next to Lake Okanagan, surrounded by the natural landscape of the area, makes people feel relaxed almost immediately.

The real estate development at McKinley Beach takes special consideration to preserve nature as much as possible, which makes residents feel like they’re out at the cottage rather than in the city.

There’s plenty of Kelowna real estate along Lake Okanagan, but for those that want the benefits of being near the water and close to nature, then McKinley Beach is a great option. For more information, visit

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