Kelowna BC Pediatric Chiropractor Baby Colic And Nervous System Therapies Launch

AltaVie, a chiropractic care clinic in Kelowna BC has launched infant chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic infant care provides proper joint motion, coordination, and optimal bone development.

AltaVie Integrated Family Health in Kelowna BC has launched holistic care for babies. The talented team of professionals includes doctors of chiropractic, registered massage therapists, a naturopathic doctor, and an occupational therapist.

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The launch of infant chiropractic care by the AltaVie clinic is designed to help infants throughout Kelowna and the surrounding areas. The residents of these areas now have access to the clinic’s highly specialized training in this chiropractic infant treatment.

The clinic’s goal for the chiropractic care of infants is to support their thriving health and development. There are a growing number of parents who are seeking alternative, complementary, and natural forms of health care for their babies.

Chiropractic care of infants provides for proper joint motion, coordination, and optimal bone development. Chiropractors help prevent structural barriers and movement imbalances that may impede ideal physical development.

An infant chiropractic adjustment can help a child heal, grow, and thrive. The doctors at AltaVie are professionals in freeing the spinal, cranial, and limb joints to move so that they move properly. This ensures the infant’s body to be able to send clear, concise information to the nervous system.

The chiropractic care at the clinic also addresses the infant’s nervous system which includes the brain, the spinal cord, and all the millions of nerves that serve every inch of the infant’s body and control most of its functions. AltaVie’s gentle chiropractic adjustments facilitate optimal brain-body communication and proprioceptive feedback. This process facilitates sensorimotor integration.

Some signs that an infant may need a physical checkup from their chiropractor include postural changes, only wanting to breastfeed from one side, being off-balance or suddenly clumsy, and always tilting their head to one side.

The health clinic is located in the heart of Kelowna’s Mission on the ground floor for easy access for moms and strollers and their infants. The doctors and staff at Altavie include Jen Taubensee OT, Julie Pillon RMT, Hiliary Krumm RMT, Dr. Anna Marie Gierach DC, and Dr. Amanda Stevens DC CACCP.

During the launch of infant chiropractic care at AltaVie parents are encouraged to bring their babies in for a complimentary interview.

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