Kelly & West Attorneys Stress The 5 Steps To Take After A Rear-End Collision

Kelly & West specialize in personal injury and DWI law. They have helped clients for over 35 years. Rear-end collisions are common, and knowing what steps to take after the accident is crucial.

Kelly & West Attorneys, personal injury lawyers located in Lillington, North Carolina, highlight the five most important steps to take when involved in rear-end collisions. Kelly & West have handled over 20,000 cases and have the experience and knowledge to help clients with car accident and other personal injury cases.

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According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the rear-end collision is the most common type of car accident in the US. Common causes for these accidents include distraction or inattention, tailgating, and panic stops. These accidents are generally the fault of the last car in the collision and most law enforcement officers will ticket that driver.

In the unfortunate event of being involved in a collision, drivers need to be aware of the steps to take immediately after the accident.

1. Call 911. The police need to assess the situation and file a report. This will document the accident, detail how it occurred, and who was at fault. Insurance companies usually want this information before they pay a claim.

2. Seek medical attention. Get medical help even if everyone seems fine. Some injuries are not immediately obvious, so it’s a good idea to be examined to make sure there are no issues.

3. Exchange information. Share insurance company names and take down information about the other party’s car. If there are any witnesses, collect their information and ask if they can provide a statement.

4. Take photos. Drivers should get images of the cars involved. They should take detailed photos of the damage to their cars and any other cars involved in the accident. Also take pictures of the scene such as marks on the road, property damage, etc.

5. Get legal representation. Contacting a personal injury attorney is perhaps the most important step. The attorney will help clients through the insurance claim process and ensure that clients are compensated for their losses.

Of her car accident, Kelly and West client Alice D. shared, “I was hit by a man who ran a stop sign, and I got injured. At first I didn’t think I was as bad as I was. Mr. West had handled a case for me in the past. I went to him and he advised me what to do. I did not have to do anything. They did all the footwork, which was great. They was really nice. I didn’t have to worry about any medical bills. They were very efficient and I like the way they handled it. I would recommend them to anyone.”

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