Kelly Felix Info Product Business Sale Marketing Video Course Launched

A new site has been launched highlighting the benefits of the new info-product course from Kelly Felix. It showcases how info-product businesses can be an effective way to disrupt major markets.

A new site has been launched called ProfitLark, highlighting a new video course for entrepreneurs looking to launch and scale their own info-product business for sale. It covers internet marketer Kelly Felix, who wrote a simple 19 page report on how he fixed his bad credit using freely available information.

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The site highlights that Kelly Felix created an info-product business based on this report, and after growing the business was able to sell it. Now he’s launched a new video course for entrepreneurs walking them step by step through the process.

Part one of the new course features a 10-part video series showing interested parties how to replicate the business model. It includes information on all the decisions made and how to learn from them.

Ongoing weekly videos are also available, detailing each aspect involved in product creation, website design, lead generation and more.

As part of the new course, Kelly is launching three unique info products, with the vision to disrupt three major markets. These include the debt market, the bizopp market, and the investment market.

ProfitLark explains that part of the reason for Kelly’s success was that he was good at organizing information. This allowed people to understand the information more easily, and replicate his success.

Participants in the new course will learn how to build a profitable business, and how to start their own info business.

They will also get insights into disrupting major markets, with mastermind videos guides provided at every step of the way.

ProfitLark states: “You’ll see it all, from the genesis of an idea, to strategizing every nuance, building sales funnels and online ads, right up until it’s time to shoot an infomercial for it.”

It adds: “And he’ll share the results with you. The first sale, the top converting funnels, the most profitable ads, split-testing results. He’ll be testing like a madman, right before your eyes.”

Full details of the new site and the new video course from Kelly Felix can be found on the URL above.

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