Keith Ablow Creative Designs a New Website for Phonetic Fusion Literacy Program

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A phonics-based reading program for children and adults has recently been released. Phonetic Fusion is an educational tool that hopes to help struggling readers and non-readers improve.

Keith Ablow Creative recently designed a website for a phonics-based reading program- Phonetic Fusion. The program seeks to help children and adults of all ages learn how to become fluent readers using the principles of phonics. It effectively utilizes existing teaching practices in a new way for better and more successful results.

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The recently released program was designed by professional reading specialist Jeanette N. Ablow. She desired to create a user-friendly program in an attempt to help frustrated students master the art of reading. As such, she has structured the program to help teachers deliver the content in any classroom, or non-classroom, setting and still achieve optimal results.

The program is divided into a student manual and an instructor’s manual. The student manual contains 50 lesson plans that aim to help non-readers and early readers develop. When used in conjunction with the instructor’s manual, students can have step-by-step guidance on how to get the best out of each lesson. Upon completion of the program, students should be able to read with little to no difficulty.

Jeanette N. Ablow spent twenty-six years in the teaching profession. She encountered many children who suffer from an inability to decode printed words. This inability sabotaged their learning and their self-esteem.

With the use of her technique called phonetic blending, she hopes to take the core basics of recognizing letter sounds and forms to help students develop confidence when reading. Her program hopes to teach students how to fuse sounds to form words and fuse words to form sentences until they develop the confidence and skills needed to become fluent readers.

The program is structured comprehensively and should be administered by a dedicated teacher, tutor, or family member. In addition to being an effective method for improving one’s ability to read, it also is geared towards teaching non-readers to read for the very first time. Considering all the benefits that the program aims to deliver, it is quite affordable in comparison to other programs of the same nature.

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