Keflavik Airport Car Rental For When Visiting Iceland

Camping Cars Iceland, a Keflavik based car rental company, is working to keep pace with impending expansion plans for the Icelandic international airport. The rapidly growing number of tourists calls for larger fleets of vehicles to serve them.

Tourism is booming in Iceland. This tiny little island in the north-Atlantic sits pretty much bang in the middle between the US and Europe. It offers up amazing landscapes, an exciting contrast of fiery lava and ice capped mountains and glaciers and was basically made for social media. The population is tiny, under 350 thousand people, and therefore the country only operates year round flights from one central location – Keflavik Airport – located some 40 minutes from the capital of Reykjavik.

After touching down and clearing customs, most visitors will want to be on there to start exploring and most opt for a Keflavik airport car rental vehicle, for the sake of convenience.

With the passenger count passing through reaching a staggering number of 3.8 million in 2014 and expected to rise steadily to 5.2 million by 2017, there’s no wonder the focus is on expansion. 100 million euros is being allocated to work on the airport and Bogi Jonsson, owner of Camping Cars Iceland, a car rental based in Keflavik and operating its services from there, is fully aware that they have to grow the business to keep up with demand.

“The modern day visitor wants to plan and execute his trip on his own terms. Just as people book their own flights online, rather than depend on booking agents, most now want a self-drive holiday – not relying on a bus service which calls at the same tourist traps as everybody else. Iceland is a place to roam free and for that we recommend our 4×4 vehicles, equipped with a roof top tent. It is a unique travel experience.”

The company website offers more information on vehicles and equipment available, as well as other info of note for would be travelers. To find out more about Camping Cars Iceland, please visit

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