Kefir Evidence Based Health Benefits Calcium And Good Probiotic Report Released

The Live Kefir Company launched a new report on the 5 evidence-based health benefits of kefir, including improved bone and gut health, and building up the immune system.

The Live Kefir Company, a Pontefract, West Yorkshire based company, announced the release of a new report on the 5 evidence-based health benefits of kefir. The report provides detailed information about the ways in which drinking kefir can maximize health and make a positive dietary change.

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Drinking kefir can play a crucial role in improving many health issues related to digestive health and immune function. The newly launched report by The Live Kefir Company aims to inform on the ways in which consuming kefir daily can help heal the body, based on medical evidence.

Kefir is consumed around the world and has been for centuries. According to the new report by The Live Kefir Company, recent research has shown that kefir comes with a long list of health-related advantages.

One of the major benefits of drinking kefir is its protein content. Because there are 9 grams of protein per serving, kefir is a wonderful source of protein compared to other sources that are commonly accepted as being good by people.

In addition, kefir is a great source of calcium. The fermented beverage offers approximately 300-400 mg of calcium per serving and can help people suffering from conditions such as osteoporosis.

The report also notes that drinking kefir is ideal for the digestive system as it helps building up the immune system and making sure the gut is in good shape by getting rid of unwanted bacteria. Finally, the report states that drinking kefir improves gut health and bone health.

According to The Live Kefir Company, “Rather than sticking to other sources for key nutrients, kefir is jam-packed with everything the human body requires. This fermented beverage is widely renowned for offering great access to nutrients that are not as easy to come by through other sources. Simply take a bit of this drink and know it’s going to be a game-changer over the short and long-term.”

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