Keepsake Bible Study Journal for Men/Women/Paperback By Osiris Daniel Published

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Osiris Daniel has published a keepsake Bible Study Journal for men and women to record their personal thoughts and insights into their study of the bible and how it impacts on their everyday life.

A paperback keepsake Bible study journal has been published by Osiris Daniel to help people keep a record of the thoughts and ideas they have during their personal quiet time with the Lord. The journal is available via Amazon in six different colors: brown, blue, pink, green, purple, and grey.

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The Bible study journal has been published in a convenient paperback form which together with its handy 9 inches by 6 inches format means it is portable and can be taken everywhere enabling thoughts and reflections to be recorded instantly. The journal contains 107 pages which include many prompts and ample space to write.

Owners of the journal will have a keepsake record of the scripture, chapter, or verse they are studying. It also enables a record to be kept of favorite prayers or praise that mean something special, as well as space for journal-keepers to make notes of their own thoughts and reflections.

A Bible study journal is an ideal tool to help people connect their faith to everyday life by allowing them to relate their Bible study to events that happen in everyday life and allow the lessons learned from the scriptures to guide their responses. The journal is a useful tool to enable users to focus on the things that are important to them, enabling them to streamline their prayers.

Often, after reading a passage from the Bible in Bible study, people get preoccupied with the busyness of everyday life rather than reflecting more deeply on what a particular passage might mean. Keeping a Bible study journal enables people to focus on particular passages, to better remember them, and to take time to contemplate them and more deeply understand them.

The prompts that are provided throughout the journal will help those who are unsure how to start or uncertain how to proceed at any point. The prompts are thought-provoking and will help to make the journal-keeping experience more rewarding. An instant digital download is available on Etsy. More information is available at

The author of the journal, Osiris Daniel said: “The study journal is suitable for men and women and I hope this Bible study journal will enrich your life, deepen your understanding of His Word, and help you strengthen your bond with God.”

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