Keeping A Home Furnace Healthy Is The Only Way To Avoid Costly Repairs

David Cavazos of DC Air Heating and Cooling LLC lays out three tips that homeowners should consider when preparing their homes for the winter.

For resident’s in the Chicagoland area, making sure one’s heating and air system is taken care of in their home is a must. Winter’s in Chicago are brutal and can cost homeowners a fortune to repair if they are not maintained during the grueling winter months. Following these basic tips and tricks can save homeowners thousands of dollars.

David Cavazos of DC Air Heating and Cooling LLC in Glendale Heights, IL was able to sit down and share some pointers with the team about how to properly winterize and prepare a home’s HVAC system to withstand the harsh elements. “First, it’s important that the homeowner cleans and replaces the air filters in the home. Having a dusty filter makes the furnace work harder than it needs to which can greatly shorten it’s life. Replacing one of those can cost a fortune if it’s not taken care of.”

“Also,” says Cavazos, “clean your air vents when the filters are changed. Hiring a professional HVAC inspector to come out and inspect the ducts and vents is crucial to maintaining a clear airflow and to also save the life of a furnace.”

Upon asking David Cavazos more information on furnace care, he gave a wonderful tip that can ultimately save homeowners a wad of cash; “It’s important that one adds some extra insulation to the home. Doing everything to make sure that heat stays in the house makes the furnace run less than usual and can keep the electric and gas bill low at the end of the month.”

Chicagoans everywhere should pay attention to the HVAC needs within the home to save costly repairs in the future. Having a furnace go out in the harshest part of the winter season can add so much money to the replacement costs, and ultimately, could pose real dangers to the family if not replace immediately. So this winter season, follow these helpful steps to ensure that a home’s heating system is working marvelously.

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