KCC Launchpad Creates KCL Wealth Airdrop DApp Service & NFT Minting Marketplace

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KCC Launch celebrating 28x gains only weeks after launch, has just launched a new decentralized crowdfunding platform KCL Wealth, an Airdrop DApp Service and KCL NFT Minting Platform & Marketplace

Created to provide a safe place for new emerging companies, KCC Launchpad running on the Kucoin Community Chain (KCC) gained mass approval and phenomenal 28x growth funded through the KCL Token after its recent launch only weeks ago. A new concept that is certified to be safe and “rug proof” by auditors. KCC Launchpad is creating blockchain solutions for the hardest to reach areas and most underfunded parts of the world with the new decentralized crowdfunding platform KCL Wealth, the KCL Airdrop DApp Service and the new KCL NFT Marketplace. Visit the KCL Wealth website See the KCL NFT Marketplace

Kucoin Community Chain Launchpad is the next generation to emerge, countering Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to provide a safer place for companies to appear on the market on the KCC Mainnet with the KCL token by which the Launchpad runs. At the root of the KCC Launchpad, the advanced code incorporates fairness and utility into the community-driven ecosystem created for new project IDO’s emerging in the fast-growing space.

KCL Wealth Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform Features

KCL Wealth is a decentralized crowdfunding platform executed by eNebula Solutions audited smart contracts making it impossible to be scammed. Designed to help the KCC Launchpad community enjoy passive returns over a long period, joining KCL Wealth connects investors with a worldwide audience while protecting the identity of those investors. The code controls the execution, and transactions are trackable and irreversible. Smart contracts permit trusted transactions and agreements to be carried out among divergent, anonymous parties without needing a central authority, legal system, or external enforcement mechanism. Tokens are paid to reward or referral balance from the purchases of other users as a share in the pool. Another novel and unique feature about the KCL WEALTH Platform is the novel fact Investors can terminate and withdraw their investments at any time and immediately send the funds to investor wallets.

The KCL CEO explaining some attributes of the new KCL Wealth crowdfunding platform and Airdrop DApp, stated, “KCL Wealth is a decentralized crowdfunding platform on Kucoin Community Chain that will provide daily passive earnings for investors in return for supporting company endeavors. We are not limited to a launchpad project but also have a growing ecosystem to enable us to increase the utility of the ecosystem. We also have our swap- KCL Swap, where users can exchange or list coins for other stable coins, make passive income streams through Yield Farming, Staking, Lottery, playing of games for cryptocurrency & the KCL Airdrop DApp Service, which is the only such service on the KCC chain. The KCL Airdrop DApp will be the ultimate go-to place for projects and developers on the Kucoin Community Chain & other Chains willing to send out airdrops en masse, be it during IDOs or as occasions may demand. The airdrop service is among many other use cases the team has developed & still developing behind the scenes to ensure that the price of $KCL is not limited to Launchpad, Swap, etc. To use the KCL AIRDROP DApp, projects and individuals will be required to pay for the service with $KCL. This will increase the $KCL buy pressure and use case. Funding provided through the KCL Wealth crowdfunding platform will also help the KCC launchpad to grow and thrive. Being concerned about the perceived safety we assure for new projects on KCC Launchpad, we hired the auditing firm eNebula Solutions to verify the code of the $KCL Token Smart Contract. By these increasing utilities powered by the KCL token, we envision an ecosystem that will not be affected by bulls and bear markets, the tweet of an influencer, nor news of a crypto crackdown from any nation.”

KCL Wealth has just been listed and ranked as #3 on the Kucoin Chain Discovery website Discover.kcc.io. The Kucoin BlockChain owns the Kucoin Chain Discovery website. The website monitors the best DApps/Projects impacting the Kucoin Chain and grades them for their legitimacy, performance, current engagements, and, more importantly, future possibilities. A testament to the KCC Launchpad team’s silent behind-the-scenes work yielding results and recognition within the Kucoin Chain.

The newest announcement to come from the company as an addition to the KCC Launchpad and just launched at the time of this writing is the KCL NFT Minting & Marketplace exclusively For KCL Wealth Users KCL token holders for minting and marketing their NFT’s

Join the Telegram Community Chatroom to ask questions about KCL Wealth, the KCL Airdrop DApp, the KCL NFT Marketplace and the KCC Launchpad run by the KCL Token

The Mission of KCC Launchpad

KCC Launchpad was created to address the disadvantages of high fees and congestion associated with the Ether Chain. Hence, the introduction of many launchpads on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network. Due to the many demands/terms set by these established Launchpads on the BSC, many small but promising projects have been unable to launch on these launchpads in recent years, giving rise to many scam launchpads. The Kucoin Community Chain Launchpad (KCC Launch) on the Kucoin Community Chain was born from the desire to correct these anomalies. KCC is designed to streamline the project selection process and provide exclusive and secure opportunities for projects to impact the Defi scene. KCC provides investors and prelaunch projects with a single, safe destination. Through the Kucoin Community Chain, investors gain exclusive access to innovative, secure, and rewarding projects. With exclusive partnerships with leading blockchain companies, influencers, and better liquidity, projects benefit from increased exposure, complimentary audits, and a supportive community.

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Authored by: Robert Stone

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