KC Landscaping Company Incorporates Professional Landscape Design Drawings for Successful Outcomes

Good Earth Outdoor now incorporates professionally produced landscape drawings into their designs in order to give their clients a much better vision of the overall landscaping plan and an understanding of how the plan will achieve their landscaping needs and objectives.

Good Earth Outdoor, a Kansas City landscaping contractor, now offers high quality professionally produced landscape design plans as part of their installation services. There is a cost to these plans, but they are well worth the investment. These drawings provide clients with a greatly enhanced vision of what the finished project will look like, which leads to greater clarity of the landscaping design. This will save money in the long run and increase the level of trust for those homeowners seeking to improve the appearance and functionality of their landscaping. 

Because these plans are so visual It allows clients the ability to evaluate elements of the design in the planning stage rather than during construction. Clients feel they are better able to participate and offer feedback which makes the design process a more collaborative effort .

While Good Earth Outdoor enjoys a solid reputation for satisfying its clients and exceeding expectations, owner Dan Stanza believes that previously customers had to have a level of faith about the end result from drawings that were not as descriptive, detailed, and accurately produced.  Now clients are easily able to visualize the end result of the project and that adds confidence that it will address their needs and objectives. 

“Every year we work with clients that had landscaping installed that did not solve the objectives of the homeowners for their property. This leads to unnecessary expense that could have been avoided with a comprehensive well thought out representation of the vision of the property that took into account those primary needs,” Dan explains. “Many times those objectives weren’t well clarified so when we meet with our clients we ask a lot of questions to help them get very clear on what they really want and need from their landscaping. It does take a little extra time, but it pays off enormously for our clients in the long run because it gives them a solid framework of how their property will develop.”

He believes that these detailed landscaping drawings will help people understand the potential of their property. And by having a comprehensive plan the project does not necessarily have to be completed in one step. Most of the time it can be broken up into phases, which allows clients the ability to complete parts of the project as their budget allows.  

Good Earth Outdoor is a design and installation landscape contractor serving the metro Kansas City area. They install patios, retaining walls, fire pits and fireplaces along with trees, shrubs, and flowers. Their greatest area of expertise, however, is in the installation of water features including ponds and pondless water gardens. They are a Certified Aquascape Contractor which indicates a high level of training, testing, and expertise.

For more information Dan can be reached at (913) 749-8090 or by email at goodearthoutdoor@gmail.com. The company website is www.goodearthoutdoor.com where more information can be found including photos of previous projects. Also, reviews can be found on their Google+ business page.  

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