Kaye/Bassman Leaders Make Numerous Media Appearances in Recent Weeks

Firm's Managing Partners and co-CEO Jeff Kaye weigh in on healthcare and HR recruiting and employment issues and other topics, Kaye/Bassman reports

Kaye/Bassman International Corp. reported a wave of significant media appearances by a number of the company's leaders in recent weeks and months. A reflection of the influence and esteem Kaye/Bassman enjoys in the industry, several Managing Partners and co-CEO Jeff Kaye have been sought out by media outlets for their insights on their areas of focus and into the contemporary recruiting industry in general. With an exclusive Client Focused Search™ process that covers a full 36 distinct areas of practice, Kaye/Bassman has been a leading recruiting firm since its founding in 1981.

"A lot has changed in the decades since Kaye/Bassman was founded, as we have been there virtually since the beginning of the recruiting industry," Kaye said, "Between our distinctive Client Focused Search approach and our proprietary Market Mastery specialization model, we have helped thousands of clients find the candidates they needed to strengthen their organizations. It is rewarding to see media outlets ranging from highly regarded professional publications to our local CBS affiliate seeking out what Kaye/Bassman experts have to say."

Although most companies pursue their own in-house recruiting efforts, finding suitable matches becomes more difficult as the importance and specialization of the associated roles increases. For several decades now, businesses seeking to add key employees and executives have therefore increasingly turned to outside companies whose missions center around recruiting.

When it was founded nearly thirty-five years ago, Kaye/Bassman International Corp. was one of a few players in a still-young industry that was just then finding its footing. With their sights set on the goal of making the company into the largest single-site recruiting firm in the country, early Kaye/Bassman leaders laid down some bedrock principles that still guide the company today.

The two most prominent and momentous of these are reflected in the company's trademark Client Focused Search process and Market Mastery practice-area model. Taken together, these exclusive approaches ensure that clients gain access to the most talented and appropriate candidates, even for the most critical and demanding roles.

As an insurance and risk management recruiter, for example, Kaye/Bassman deploys Managing Partners and specialized, highly trained staffing and search consultants to precisely target each individual client's needs. This commitment allows the company to produce far more rewarding results than the average insurance recruiter, accounting even for local market conditions, and has been a key factor in Kaye/Bassman's success.

In standing out as such a prominent and successful part of the industry for so long, Kaye/Bassman has become regarded as a go-to source in other respects, as well. Over the last few months, and quite regularly in general, Kaye/Bassman leaders have been sought out by members of the media to weigh in on the recruiting industry and specific areas of practice. Full details regarding these numerous recent media appearances by Kaye/Bassman Managing Partners and co-CEO Kaye can be found in the "News" section at www.kbic.com.

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With client-focused solutions that reflect a deep mastery and understanding of each area of practice, Dallas-based Kaye/Bassman International Corp. has been a leading recruiting and executive search firm since 1981.

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