Kayakreviewer.com Announces A Fresh New Shopping Experience

Chris Shearar annouces the launch of his latest website http://www.kayakreviewer.com. Kayakreviewer.com is a one stop shopping portal for all kayaking requirements, from actual kayaks to storage to clothing to nuts and bolts.

Shopping for a kayak doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing. Leading kayak and kayak accessory one stop shop Kayakreviewer.com, recently announced the launch of a complete redesigned and revamped website and online store geared towards delivering a superior shopping experience.

May 29, 2015

While there’s no doubt kayaks are a popular choice for outdoor adventure, many people agree kayak shopping can be challenging without the proper resources. For the last several years Kayak Reviewer has been a popular online shop serving this space, providing high quality kayaks set at attractive price points. Recently Kayak Reviewer announced, in response to customer requests, the launch of a completely revamped website geared towards delivering a smoother and enjoyable shopping experience.

“We couldn’t be more excited about our new website and the value it delivers to our customers,” commented Chris Shearar, owner of KayakReviewer.com. “A lot of consumers spend a fortune buying the wrong kayak for them. This usually happens because it’s been too hard to research kayaks online. Our portal makes it easy with a review of the most popular kayaks, real reviews from consumers who aren’t shy in saying what they hate and are clear and concise in saying what they love. By visiting http://www.Kayakreviewer.com a prospective kayak purchaser can save not only money, but also many hours of tedious research time. Buying a kayak has never been easier.”

According to Shearar, Kayak Reviewer features kayak products in a wide range of categories, including highlights like fishing kayaks, white water kayaks, wet suits, dry suits, paddles, kayak storage, kayak hardware, and much more.

Most products come backed by a minimum of a 30 day guarantee, and many ship for free.

The revamped website is now completely mobile responsive and works perfectly on all web browsers.

Feedback from shoppers has been very positive.

Greg J., from Missouri, recently said, “I needed a new paddle and decided to give Kayak Reviewer a try, following a friend’s recommendation. The experience went so well I went on to order a new kayak which I had wanted for years a few weeks later. The prices and service are both top notch. Five stars.”

For more information be sure to visit http://kayakreviewer.com.

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