Kayako Brings Modern Solutions to Customer Service

Founded in 2001, Kayako is a London-based service dedicated to helping other businesses modernise their customer service practices with live chat software, social media integration and more.

London, UK—Customer service is likely the area of any business that ends up getting the most complaints. This makes a lot of sense. When a company develops a product, the process is streamlined. There is a clear beginning, middle, and end the to process. Customer service, however, is different. It must be personalised for each individual customer’s needs and requirements, and many businesses are not equipped to handle these individualised complaints. From a lack of organisation to a lack of understanding when it comes to what the customer wants, it is very difficult to make the customer service side of a business as functional as the product the business is selling. That is what Kayako is here to help with. Kayako is a business that seeks to help other businesses improve their customer service in the best interest of both the business and the customer.

Kayako was founded back in the year 2001, and throughout the years, their dedication to their mission has remained the same. They aim to make the customer service experience as easy as possible for both the business and the confused consumer.

However, the technology that is available has greatly changed since 2001, and Kayako continues to find success because of the company’s functional adaptability. It uses all of the current social media sites and more to make its services as valuable as possible. It has changed and developed with the times. This allows them a forward and in depth understanding of how to get people the best customer service help possible.

As it stands nowadays, customers often seek to find the information online themselves, but they are unable to. This is due to the wide breadth of confusing and irrelevant information that is out on the internet. They are then left to call a customer service representative who is dealing with the same confusing variety of information. With Kayako, this complexity is stripped away, and the customer is left only finding the clear information that they need.

The careful approach to customer service that Kayako provides helps to strengthen businesses. With a clear customer service experience available to their customers, businesses will likely be able to expand their client base while improving the experience for already existing customers. They will be able to create more personal and pleasant relationships with each of their customers. This will leave customers more optimistic about returning to the same business again. By investing time and money into perfecting the customer service experience through the services of Kayako, any business is sure to be strengthened.

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