Kayak Camping Adventure Travel Local Exploration Vacation Guide Launched

Adventures in Kayaks, an Ottawa-based knowledge sharing platform, has launched a new expert guide to help people prepare for their first social distanced kayak camping trip this summer.

Adventures in Kayaks, a leading Ottawa-based knowledge sharing platform, has launched a new expert guide to ensure people enjoy their first kayak camping trip. The guide has been released to help people who are planning a staycation this summer and want to explore the local area around them.

View the guide at https://adventuresinkayaks.com/tips-for-kayak-camping

The newly launched guide is ideal for people interested in having an adventure vacation that observes the social distancing guidelines being enforced by many governments around the world. The experts behind the guide argue kayaking is an ideal socially distanced activity.

Camping and kayaking provide the ideal opportunity for people to get back to nature and explore areas that they may not have otherwise considered. For instance, some campsites and areas cannot be reached by cars.

The guide strongly advises people to understand what they are embarking on before paddling away in their kayaks. The team at Adventures in Kayaks suggest planning is key. The first step in the process is to assess the skill level of the group – it may be useful to schedule a training day or session at the beginning of the trip.

Secondly, place is hugely important, especially if this is the first kayak camping trip for the group. If time allows, it is good to plan a relaxed schedule over a period of a few days. This will ensure the group can assess how their muscles are coping with the strain of paddling a kayak for a long period of time.

Focusing on the scenery for the first kayak camping trip can make it memorable and enjoyable. There is always the option to try routes requiring intensive technical skills or white-water sections another time.

When setting up camp, be mindful that official campsites will be clearly signposted. It is also good to note if the area being explored requires permits for the use of the campsites. Make sure to leave a copy of the trip itinerary with someone in case of emergencies.

A company representative said: “There are many things to take into consideration when planning your first kayak camping trip. Being prepared won’t make the adventure any less fun, but it may make it safer and more enjoyable for the whole group.”

“Our guide helps you to prepare your body, your route planning, and your essentials kit. It might sound like common sense, but it is easy to forget the first aid kit or quick-dry towel,” they added.

To read the guide in full, interested parties are invited to click the link provided.

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