Katy TX Addiction Treatment And Recovery Theta Chamber Service Launched

A new addiction recovery service has been launched for patients in Katy, Fulshear, and West Houston, Texas. Vibez Urban Resort provides cutting edge treatment through the use of the Theta Chamber.

A new addiction recovery service has been launched by Vibez Urban Resort, offering frequency healing and energy medicine services with the Theta Chamber. The chamber is specially designed to remove drug addiction and other addictions like alcohol, making serious addiction recovery simpler.

More information can be found at: https://vibezurbanresort.com

The team at Vibez specializes in pain elimination, stress reduction, health restoration and addiction treatment. They place great emphasis on customer satisfaction and promise to do whatever they can to help their clients.

As part of this commitment to excellent service, they have launched their Theta Chamber drug addiction and alcohol addiction treatment program.

The Theta Chamber induces the theta brainwave, balances hypothalamus and neurotransmitters, and allows the brain to create new neural pathways.

In this way, the new service is specially designed to administer multiple powerful treatment applications in a single session.

Patients can use the chamber to accomplish three main objectives. The first is inducing the aforementioned brainwave state. The second is to signal the hypothalamus to return to producing normal levels of serotonin, dopamine and other neurotransmitters. Thirdly, it encourages the brain to create and use new, normal neural pathways.

One of the key benefits of this newly launched service is that the Theta Chamber treats neurological problems at their deepest level. It has a unique technological approach to addiction treatment, working for maximum effectiveness for the brain.

The technology uses binaural beats, vestibular motion, cranial electro therapy stimulation, visual light pattern stimulation, micro-current signaling, and audio relaxation tracks.

Vibez states: “Vibez Urban Resort was born from the need to treat the whole body and help the individual heal on many levels. I have partnered with several companies who lead the industry in cutting edge technologies, equipment, and supplements to create an environment that will allow the individual to relax, destress, and find solutions to health issues.”

Full details of the newly launched service can be found on the URL above.

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