Katie Coates Offers Public Relations Tips to Coaches, Consultants, and Authors

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Katie Coates helps coaches, consultants, and authors create ultimate visibility for their premium online brands, along with name clarity and protection and reputation management.

Katie Coates, Public Relations Pro, serves coaches, consultants, and authors seeking online visibility and credibility to increase their sales rates. Katie is Accredited in Public Relations (APR) and has been inducted in the PRSA College of Fellows, an honor bestowed on less than one percent of all public relations professionals.

Katie Coates is also an Amazon bestselling author and the creator of The PR Secrets, a blog that provides insider tips and information on public relations (PR) for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Katie Coates says, “I love to help business owners create powerful credibility just like the national brands with strategic PR that can boost their reputations and improve their sales.”

“I believe you can use a ‘magic shortcut’ to get the online visibility you want, and you don’t have to use social media to do it,” said Katie in a recent interview. “I know that a lot of my clients are burned out by having to ‘feed the social media’ beast every day. Organic presence is not necessarily the most important aspect of your reputation management program.”

When asked what concerns her with how people usually go about trying to establish credibility, Katie said, “It breaks my heart when coaches, consultants, and authors struggle to get consistent results with their visibility, especially when they’re pouring effort into channels that aren’t delivering in the long run. Social media posts, which disappear overnight, aren’t nearly as valuable over time as evergreen content that establishes and maintains your credibility.”

Katie has announced an update to her step-by-step guide to public relations, which continues to provide up-to-date resources and tips.

More details can be found at https://tiny.ie/prgoals

Public Relations allows a business to build their brand’s reputation by sharing the right information to the right places. Public relations has been shown to be more efficacious than paid advertising, and PR strategies are being adopted by increasing numbers of businesses to help them grow.

“A brand’s visibility is the most important aspect in marketing. Audiences require visual proof of a coach’s or consultant’s credibility and authority,” says Katie. “It seems we are all honorary residents of Missouri because virtually everyone gives more credence to visual evidence than any other kind.”

The PR Secrets provides a step-by-step, insider’s guide to a successful PR campaign, and provides insight into the PR process for those wishing to hire a PR professional. Additionally, the blog provides other tips and tricks for understanding and implementing a PR strategy.

The first step of the insider’s guide ushers readers through the process of creating their own public relations goals, the first essential step to a successful PR campaign. It includes important questions to ask when laying out one’s public relations objectives.

Step 2 provides guidance on finding the right media outlets and identifying writers who can help a business to accomplish their PR goals, while Step 3 describes the process of refining one’s pitch and story so that they garner the right attention.

Steps 4 and 5 target the pitch process and sending the pitch and follow-up, respectively. Details on how to contact reporters and writers as well as how to follow up on successful placements are provided.

In addition, other useful tips are given that are important for businesses on their PR journey, including how to create a press kit and use free media resources.

With this latest update, The PR Secrets continues to provide business owners and entrepreneurs with useful and detailed advice on how to gain the attention of their Dream Clients through successful PR campaigns, thereby enhancing the success of their businesses.

Katie Coates, the creator of The PR Secrets blog, adds, “Getting name recognition can be life-changing for a business owner. If there is any confusion about your name, whether it’s similar to another entrepreneur’s or someone in the news, or if you have a negative review that is harming your business, public relations done the right way can help you prevail and close more sales with your Ideal Clients.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://tiny.ie/prgoals

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