Karl Schuckert BlogaShop 2017 SEO & Traffic WordPress Plugin Launched

Professional digital marketer and software developer Karl Schuckert announced BlogaShop, a new WordPress SEO content optimization plugin. BlogaShop allows users to add unique articles to multiple e-stores, as well as optimize the content for increased Google ranking.

Karl Schuckert, a professional digital marketer and software developer, launched BlogaShop, a new WordPress plugin allowing e-store owners to add unique articles to their websites in order to promote their products and increase their Google ranking.

More information can be found at https://blogashop.com/jv.

Internet marketing has grown tremendously in recent years, with more and more businesses owners looking to leverage the immense marketing potential offered by online platforms. Surveys show that more than 90% of all clients use Google searches and online reviews to find both online and offline products and services, making online visibility key to overall business success.

Google ranking is one of the most important factors to consider when creating a digital marketing strategy, as Google is the primary source of organic traffic to any business website. Algorithm updates have made it increasingly difficult to rank for target keywords without unique content and a professionally-optimized website.

BlogaShop is a new WordPress plugin allowing its users to add unique content to their e-stores, as well as optimize html data for improved Google ranking.

The plugin works by allowing users to select an original article from a large database of more than 66,000 articles, add an accompanying royalty-free image, choose any additional multimedia content such as YouTube videos, and use the built-in text optimization to modify the content for each individual store.

The plugin can spin more unique articles form a single original piece, allowing users to publish content to multiple e-shops at the same time. BlogaShop can integrate additional spinners using Spinner Bros and SpinRewriter.

To increase the chances of achieving high Google ranking, the plugin also automatically performs all html optimization tasks, including subject headlines, metadata, image data and many others.

BlogaShop users will also receive free access to three SEO and e-commerce workshop webinars, as well as a free Shopify training course from Ben Malol FB™ and Shopify Expert.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting http://muncheye.com/karl-schuckert-blogashop.

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