Kansas City, MO Weight Loss Clinic Experiences High Level Of Growth Due to Customer Satisfaction

Pierce Medical Clinic offers FREE consultation to all residents in Overland Park, KS and Kansas city, Missouri by calling (913) 214-1154. They provide various weight loss programs that have been effectively working for over 30 years.

Morris Coltrain, of Overland Park, Kansas is pleased to announce a record number of clients for weight loss services at the clinic in the past year. According to him, the client numbers have climbed so much because all the weight loss programs they offer are highly effective. The clinic started to experience higher client numbers as soon as they embarked on the Customer Wins initiative 12 months ago. They started a campaign where all customers who came into Pierce Medical clinic, no matter what services they wanted, would leave happy with the results that they got.  

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Pierce Medical Clinic offers several weight loss Kansas city programs including the HCG diet, Total and Modified Fasting and appetite suppressants. They also sell protein meal replacement supplements. According to the website, they are able to help no matter how overweight a client is. They have helped people lose extra weight, anything between 10 and 200 pounds.  

Morris explained that the reason the weight loss Kansas city programs are so successful is the fact that all the solutions are customized. When a client comes in, they take the time to assess them so that they can prepare a weight loss solution that is just right for them. The assessment is very thorough and they also use body analysis, which uses an electric current to determine how much fat is stored in the body, how much water weight a person has, current muscle mass, and also what the ideal weight should be. 

This kind of detailed information helps them to create programs that are very effective.They don’t just stop after results are achieved; they follow up with their clients to ensure that they stay healthy. Clients are supposed to come in once a week for weigh-ins and counseling to help them stay on track. They work with all their weight loss clients to create diets that will work for them in the future.  

A patient who was treated at Pierce Medical Clinic a few years ago stated that he had nothing but great things to say about the clinic’s weight loss program. He said, as he got older, he realized that he was gaining more and more weight. A friend recommended Pierce Medical clinic to him and he said the results were great. He took the HCG treatment so that he could lose weight rapidly. It had no side effects and he was able to lose all the extra weight and keep it off too.”  

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