Kansas City MO Hospital Productivity Consulting Staffing Review Service Launched

Kansas City, Missouri hospital productivity consulting agency Brady & Associates expanded its staffing and productivity optimization services for hospitals in Missouri and nationwide.

Brady & Associates, a hospital operation consulting company based in Kansas City, updated its range of services to provide high-quality inventory based staffing review and productivity optimization services. The company works with a team of experienced healthcare management strategists to provide custom solutions for health services providers in Missouri and nationwide.

More details can be found at https://bradyinc.com.

The recent announcement aims to provide hospitals and health clinics throughout the United States with an effective solution to reduce their labor costs, streamline their operational efficiency and significantly improve their productivity.

Using its industry-leading IMPACT benchmark database, the company is able to standardize staffing and productivity protocols for optimal efficiency.

The database includes validated information from over 750 hospitals and more than 24,000 hospital departments. Using this extensive centralized data allows health providers to calibrate their staffing standards according to the most efficient organizational parameters.

The central goal of the company’s new services is reducing labor costs through effective staffing review and productivity strategies.

“Labor costs account for as much as 60% of hospital operating expenses in the United States”, explained a company spokesperson. “Constructively reducing those costs while improving clinical and service quality is now the priority for hospital management teams and has always been our business mission.”

To further maximize cost savings, Brady & Associates will also help client hospitals improve their productivity across their management and operation processes.

According to the company, productivity improvements of just five percent in several departments can reduce overall costs by more than $647,000 for a typical mid-sized community hospital.

For increased convenience, the company uses advanced videoconferencing technology to deliver its services to hospitals across the US and internationally.

With the latest announcement, Brady & Associates continues to expand its range of high-quality productivity consulting services for modern healthcare providers.

The company is led by Frank Brady, an organizational effectiveness expert with five decades of experience working with medical clients throughout the world.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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