Kansas City MO Distributor Waterproof Vinyl Decking Contractor Options Launched

OnDek Vinyl Worx has announced its new opportunity for contractors in Kansas City, Missouri, who want to become distributors of its low-maintenance, waterproof vinyl decking.

OnDek Vinyl Worx has recently updated its Ultra Seam waterproof vinyl decking products for contractors and distributors in the Kansas City area of Missouri.

More information is available at https://ondekvinylworx.com

The updated products from OnDek Vinyl Worx aims to provide general contractors, roofers, and architects in Kansas City with distribution opportunities with its reliable waterproof vinyl solution. The vinyl can be used on outdoor projects such as decks, patios, balconies, walkways, and roof decks.

When seeking vinyl products for decking projects, it can be challenging for contractors to find a material that is reliably waterproof to prevent leaks and protect substructures. Additionally, as a developer and contractor, it is vital that the products used are affordable while providing long-lasting and durable results for clients. OnDek Vinyl Worx is aiming to help solve this problem with its waterproof vinyl decking distribution options.

The decking materials from OnDek Vinyl Worx is a polyvinyl chloride product with a non-woven polyester back layer for the benefit of increased glue adhesion. The product aims to provide a true waterproofing solution with its unique Ultra Seam feature, allowing several vinyl runs to be overlapped effectively. The Ultra Seam has a no-fleece side that, when overlapped, allows for non-contaminated seams to be welded, providing the benefit of a true waterproof seam. People can find a video of the Ultra Seam’s strength compared to other seam types here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTfz6SslbqI&t=7s

OnDek Vinyl Worx products also aim to give builders and developers a low-maintenance vinyl option that only requires semi-annual cleaning while also providing protection for lumber substructures for longer life. The product is also slip-resistant in both wet and dry conditions, meeting the requirements of the American Disabilities Act.

Contractors and architects in Kansas City who become distributors of the OnDek Vinyl Worx products benefit from joining a team of deck professionals throughout North America as well as pre and post-sales support, creative marketing materials, and assistance with identifying opportunities in their local markets.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the websites mentioned above.

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