Kamloops Anger Management Counselor Comments on Misleading Article About Rage

Misleading media about personal power can lead to problems. Kamloops anger management counselor Corrine Mackenzie corrects misleading observations in a recently released study with her comments. Clients located in Kamloops BC can meet in person, but anyone can set up a phone consultation.

Today’s media can be misleading sometimes, and this document is addressing an article posted on TheOnion.com November 20 2015, that is not only misleading, but irresponsible! Anger management is a valid discipline designed to help individuals control emotional response to stressful situations and learn how to self- regulate.

Read this article for an in-depth look at how a professional deals with anger: http://therapyrightnow.com/anger-management

TheOnion.com article may be accurately reporting a fact regarding the state of mind when an immature person has an “unhealthy negative reaction”, but it does not counter those facts with anything to correct what is obviously an error in judgement and a lack of self-regulation, in the anger response. Corrine Mackenzie of Crystal Clear Energy Medicine has the following to say.

Alpha male, is often identified with the Green Hulk, the soldier, might is right. It is a prevalent attitude within male privilege. Often men are so compartmentalized, they don’t see the bigger picture of what is happening for the complete experience.

Managing reactions can reduce the intensity of toxic emotions, negative outcomes and actually resolve problems.

Most people are capable of handling stress in a responsible manner, but all humans experience life on the edge at times, due to a buildup of overwhelming situations that seem to be outside of personal control. When this happens there is a choice:

1. There can be a show of power, a blow up, causing negative back-lashes and even violent or dangerous reactions. At these times, aggressors often look for ways to have control and try to overpower another person, bullying, to meet their own desires. The cost of immediate gratification is often not considered.

2. There can be a time out, a choice to do some inner reflection, look at triggers, look at the fear, guilt, jealousy, threat or loss underneath the anger response. Time out needs to include self-care, and other care. This can look like working through the adrenaline, bringing the flight, fight or freeze response back into a calm balanced body response. When ready, reflect, look for win/win outcomes, connection, supports and team work. Ask what is a healthy way to use leadership and personal power? What works the best for all involved?

The headline for the article under scrutiny says that expressing anger in unhealthy ways is incredibly satisfying. What it does not mention, is the fact that acting out in this fashion can escalate a problem into many more problems, rather than finding a solution to conflict.

Even more satisfying, is to look at: What is needed in leadership, in management, in a situation? What else can happen for the highest outcome? What would be the best value for personal power in a given situation?

Certainly, exerting power over another person, taking charge in a situation has a time and a place as a way to protect someone in danger. However, controlling another person to exploit, to serve personal needs, or to enslave is not healthy, does not create peace, healthy families or good workers in the work force.

Here is a link to the errant article in question: http://www.theonion.com/article/study-finds-expressing-anger-unhealthy-ways-incred-51880

Kamloops anger management counselor, Corinne Mackenzie says: “Creating a report that implies it is okay to act out inappropriately or in an unhealthy way as suggested in the article is irresponsible in my opinion. I feel it is okay to discuss the findings, but they should have offered a little more on the consequences of expressing anger in unhealthy ways. Every professional counselor knows that childish outbursts that satisfy a basic emotion will diminish that persons standing in their peer’s eyes and ultimately lead to escalating problems, in creating toxic environments, and an increased level of mistrust, fear and danger.”

This type of misleading information glamorizes the out of control, power hungry, immature person in a temper tantrum. Withholding vital information to look at all parts of the experience only serves to confuse, mislead and to idolize brute force.

There is very little if any helpful information in the article, and readers should be encouraged to use common sense to recognize the blatant disregard for anyone blinded by rage who might take the study to mean that it is okay to act out inappropriately and “express anger in unhealthy ways”.

Showing or encouraging a lack of remorse and advocating resistance to taking personal responsibility for one’s own actions, leads to people getting fired, losing relationships, getting involved in the jail system, and being socially isolated. There are better ways to use personal power.

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