Kalfin Jewellery Now Offering Custom Engagement Rings To Melbourne Couples

Kalfin Jewellery has 35 years of experience in working with diamonds and designing high end jewellry. They focus on direct sales straight to the client via their boutique store in Melbourne. Further information on their engagement ring selection can be found here: https://www.kalfin.com.au/engagement-rings/

Melbourne, August 15th 2017 – Kalfin Jewellery in Melbourne has expanded its range of engagement rings to offer custom designs. The aim is to provide greater choice and peace of mind within their boutique setting to Melbourne’s more anxious couples.

Kalfin Jewellery has always taken great pride in the quality of their rings, especially engagement rings. Now, couples in the area can enjoy a whole new shopping experience at Kalfin’s Melbourne store. These ring makers have decided to offer these couples the chance to create a custom design. This will ensure that every bride-to-be has a unique ring that they can cherish. These rings are of the same quality and cuts, just with a bespoke feel. The aim is that Melbourne’s grooms will now have greater opportunities and guidance to find that perfect ring. This new approach to ring design offers a new perspective for couples, with a greater choice over the perfect shape, material and cut.

Kalfin Jewellery isn’t a new name in the Melbourne jewellery world. Their designs are known by experts and they have a reputation for good gems. They have a long history with with diamonds in solitaire, side stone, halo and trilogy cuts, as well as precious stones above 0.30 carat. They promise that each piece contains independently certified diamonds by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and that these stones are ethically sourced as part of the Kimberly Process.

Now they have decided to branch out with this alternative approach to ring design. This leap into the world of custom-designed items is a bold step – one that many locals will welcome. These handcrafted designs expand the current range so that couples have more freedom over the stones, colours and bands. This starts with the choice of the cuts of diamonds and continues with the pairing of the diamond with other precious stones. Kalfin’s experts will guide users in the right direction, but the final choice is personal.

Kalfin states that “This area is our passion, where creativity has no bounds and the materials used act as a palette to achieve that unique masterpiece”. They also say the following about their new venture: “we pride ourselves in the design and production of unique, custom-made engagement rings”. This idea of creativity in a unique masterpiece is what they hope will draw in those young couples struggling with their life-changing decision.

Kalfin invites couples to come to their Melbourne store to talk over options and designs. This invitation extends to those that wish to surprise their better half with a romantic proposal, as well as couples looking for the ideal joint choice to seal their commitment. There is always that risk with ring shopping that it won’t fit, or that a future spouse won’t like the design. Kalfin hopes to remove this danger with this one-on-one guidance and these new, broader choices. Here couples can now choose a design together that best reflects their union and personalities.

This new step-by-step process for the daunting ring buying experience should be a welcome change for those struggling to find the perfect option. Kalfin aims to provide the full service here to improve customer satisfaction and buyer education. It all comes down to those 4 Cs of the diamond world. This is something that goes over the head of the average consumer, but not for much longer. This approach should now ensure that that customers appreciate the cut, colour, clarity and carat of the diamonds on offer. This will then allow them to match the right stone to the right designs – and the right budget.

Happy couples can find Kalfin Jewellery at 340 Collins Street. Couples can either drop in to learn more about these new custom options or call to learn more. Customers can also make inquiries via the company’s website to set up an obligation-free consultation.

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