Kairos Dental Launches New Dental SEO Expert Services in October

Kairos Dental has just launched a new product: expert SEO services for dental practices. Offering search engine marketing & local SEO with a proven process. Learn more at www.kairos-dental.com.

Kairos Dental, a new division of Kairos Design Studio, has just launched a new product: expert dental SEO services for dentists and dental practices.

Offering SEO, local SEO, and on-site optimization (for a one-time additional charge), this new service from Kairos Dental has produced amazing results for their existing clients. Even their smaller packages include SEO-optimized content for both readers and search engine, public relations announcements, and distribution to various channels, including local sites. This new service builds backlinks to your dental practice’s main site AND builds trust in your brand with press releases to third-party sites.

Additionally, they boast guaranteed improvements in your online visibility within 90 days.

For more information on their dental SEO product, visit Kairos Dental here.

Sean Kim, founder and creative director of Kairos Dental, explains why dental practices need search engine optimization and search engine marketing strategies. “Simply put, 80% of patients find their healthcare provider via an online search. Dental practices (and all medical practices, for that matter) really need to have two things to be successful in the modern age. The first is a strong brand presence online. The second, and perhaps more important, is a high visibility within the search engine results.”

Kim isn’t wrong — especially now, while the COVID-19 crisis rages on in America. Where other marketing strategies such as disruptive advertising and pay-per-click ads have failed, local SEO remains one of the best ways to increase new patient acquisition.

When a dental practice is visible in the search engine results, it’s reaching more potential patients and increasing new patient acquisition. Dental offices that prioritize their online reputation earn brand recognition, and receive passive leads in the form of online inquiries. According to some studies, search engine optimization is so important that without expert dental SEO services, you’re most likely missing around 94% of your target market.

“This is what makes hiring a dental SEO expert such a good invest. The return of investment (ROI) is high, while the monthly cost is low in comparison to less effective marketing methods,” Kim continued. “Once you factor in that you’re able to attract your ideal patients, and you can scale your dental practice to grow as quickly or as steadily as you like, local SEO and search engine marketing becomes a clear winning strategy.”

Because the benefits of dental SEO services are so great once your marketing efforts have paid off, it’s important to make sure your dental practice is ready for growth. It doesn’t matter how much your new patient acquisition increases if you’re not prepared to hire more staff or provide high quality service for your patients.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you require high quality content to really see results. Continuously auditing your dental website, conducting new keyword research every month, staying up-to-date on search engine algorithms, optimizing existing content and creating keyword-focused, thoughtful blogs is a lengthy and time consuming process. “You’ll get much better results from a dental SEO expert agency that will do all these things for you, versus hiring a freelancer to write blogs for your site,” Kim cautioned.

To learn more about dental SEO, visit Kairos Dental at their website here.

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