K3OPS To Change Renewable Energy Market on July 10th at Wearable Technologies SF

K3OPS to unveil environmentally friendly batteries and smartphone cases that do not require charging at the Wearable Technologies conference in San Francisco on July 10th 2015. Innovative products harvest electromagnetic fields to power phones and small electronics.

K3OPS recently announced that the company will attend the Wearable Technologies conference in San Francisco on July 10th 2015, but talking about innovative products is not the only thing that Xin Wei, co-founder of K3OPS will do. The co-founder will also introduce that a new level of helping humanity solving energy issues has begun.

Unlike most companies, K3OPS unveils products that make use of unused energy (RF harvesting) to power devices and even battery-like products that can actually replace batteries. Just think about it for a minute… a battery that consumers only need to buy once, that they don’t have to recharge and that just works.

K3OPS is backed by some of the largest companies and institutions in the world. Without naming brands or organizations, K3OPS always had the funds available to develop and improve their products to make them work. Many companies have tried to harvest electromagnetic fields, but they failed, as the output of such devices were too low to permanently power devices. This has changed with the release of K3OPS’s products.

Xin Wei commented: “We want to give people products that can change the world into their hands. Green products that contain no toxic material and that will help to protect the environment. Unlike most companies who collect funds on crowd sourcing pages and promise to eventually deliver a working product, we are a step ahead and will give out the first set of our products out at WT coming July. We believe our products will help people change the world. We cannot change the world – only people who use our products are able to do so, and that is what we focus on”.

K3OPS is not about profits. The company is not backed by investors, but by companies and organizations that do not want their invested money back one day. They just want to be part of helping change the world. This is also why the products will be affordable to anyone and not just some toy that only rich people can afford. The main mission is getting the product out and not just making money.

“This market is like printing money, which is why we receive many offers from the largest companies to buy our products to release them themselves. Every day some company wants to buy K3OPS. Brands that you know from the smartphone and tablet market, but they always get the same reply from us: We and our products are not for sale. We create products to help humanity build a better world while solving environmental issues that happen, for example with toxic products.”, Xin Wei added.

K3OPS has announced that they will create a “show” at the Wearable Technologies conference, so remember the date: July 10th 2015 is the date when things will change. The company will also give away the K3CASE and product samples of their battery like device to visitors of the conference at no cost.

Journalists and tech editors are invited to contact K3OPS about their devices and further information and tech details about this product at media@k3ops.com Samples are available if required for media coverage reasons.

About K3OPS

K3OPS was founded in February 2014. The company’s products were developed for more than two years. The company’s mission is to recycle energy from electromagnetic pollution and convert in continuous electricity to supply every day’s product. K3OPS provides educational tools to minimize the massive exposure of electromagnetic pollution and the effects of passive radiation on younger health. The company’s domain of expertise is the intersection between health and technology with solid backgrounds in such diverse disciplines as Mathematics, IT and physical chemistry.

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