K2R Technology Prepares for Summer Camping with Best-selling Portable Cell Phone Chargers

With power banks aimed at the American consumer market who love summer camps and continuous online connectivity, K2R’s technology helps bridge this problem and provide matching affordable product solutions.

K2R Technology is prepared for the summer season by introducing their newest product line, K2R-803, a portable cell phone charger with flashlight. It works best outdoors as a reserve backup external battery pack with fast dual USB charging ports. It’s ideal for campers traveling elsewhere in the country. Recent studies even show that 83% of today’s American campers bring their cell phones with them to continue their online connectivity despite the long distance away from home. The current segment of society that drives the consumer markets today are millennials and their desire to document every piece of experience and share it instantly is paramount.

K2R Technology to the Rescue

This is where K2R’s new technology comes into play. Because of the connectivity-everywhere principle that most Millennials adopted in their lifestyles, products such as portable power banks came to rise. This gadget, though relatively new, is now one of the hottest piece of electronics in the market today, solely because younger cell phone users want them.

Prices range from within the $30 to $120 price point or higher especially for established brands such as TP-Link, Intocircuit and Zendure. K2R’s offering on the other hand is priced at just $29.99 apiece at its current sale promotion. Original list price is $74.99 but it’s still way more affordable than industry standards and customers will get freebies upon purchasing one.

Freebies include a bonus LED USB cables applicable for most devices and the free K2R battery boost guide ebook.

“K2R’s universal cell phone charger is now quickly becoming one of Amazon’s leading cell phone accessories,” shares Anne Field, official company representative. “And why not? Our power bank is not smart phone specific as it can handle most brands including iPhones and Android phones such as Samsung. It has dual and fast USB charging ports and a flash light which are both great for fast charging time with twice the capacity and for emergency purposes.”

Anne also believes in the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and education. K2R technology bridges both endeavors by harboring regularly updated blog posts with guides on how to best make use of their products and other valuable knowledge around it. Current blog post talks about six essential gadgets when camping, a traditional American summer activity.

Their customer support team has also been recently lauded in raving Amazon reviews for being thorough at follow ups and educating customers even beyond the sale. All their portable power banks come with 3 year warranties.

K2R Technology also encourages their customers to register their products online and join their VIP User Group for exclusive perks and VIP newsletters announcing new products and promotions.

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