JV Madness Mo Latif 2018 Action Video Creator Sale Launched

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Muncheye and Mo Latif et al announced the launch of JV Madness, a 2018 year-end sale featuring Flickstr, a point-and-click video creator. The cross-platform video software is available for $30 as part of the four-day sale commencing on the 27th of December, 2018.

Internet marketing platform Muncheye and product creators Mo Latif & Brett Ingram announced the launch of a 4-day JV Madness super sale showcasing Flickstr, a cutting-edge live-action video creator product. The sale is scheduled to commence on the 27th of December, 2018 and run through to the 30th.

More information about JV Madness & Flickstr is available at http://letsgolook.at/JVMadness

The 2018 JV Madness sale will feature four of the company’s flagship products—Flickstr, Pixamattic, Clipmagix, and Socifeed—at special year-end pricing. Flickstr and the other products will be available to purchasers at a low up-front price of $30.

Flickstr is an automated short live-action video creator that uses custom video agency templates to generate box-office style video content. The social media-ready content helps businesses and marketers improve the reach of their products and services. Flickstr is a point-and-click video product that creates high-quality 60-second video product showcases that improve sales and drive well-engaged customers to a business.

Users may upload original video or use any YouTube video as input, followed by the addition of graphical and audio branding elements. Flickstr creates infomercial video in multiple sizes and features world-class WYSIWYG post-production capabilities without the need for any user expertise in video production. The output video may be added to a blog, website, estore, or to social video sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

According to a spokesperson for JV Madness, “Flickstr is one of our four flagship products that transform how marketers can create production-quality content in 60 seconds or less. We are happy to make our products available to marketers and affiliates as part of a unique year-end offer.”

JV Madness is the brainchild of product creators and internet marketers Mo Latif & Brett Ingram, who have more than 20 years of experience, having sold more than 130,000 product units. More information is available at https://muncheye.com/mo-latif-and-brett-ingram-jv-madness and at the URL above.

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