Just Released To The Market Australian Made Blubae Botanical Spray

We all know the feeling of buying a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers and having them die much too quickly. Unfortunately this happens too often and we don’t get to enjoy their beauty for as long as we would like.

Blubae, an Australian owned company, have just released a new Botanical Spray using 100% natural ingredients, that helps keep your flowers and plants healthy and happy for longer. This product carries multiple Australian certifications including non toxic and made safe.

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Fresh flowers and healthy plants bring colour and life to our space, they add a nice touch to any room and make the perfect gift for someone special. Keeping those fresh flowers and plants looking vibrant and healthy, however, can be a tricky task.

Bacteria starts to grow at the base of the stem as soon as flowers are put into water. The cut cells at the base of the flower stem release nutrients that are the perfect food for thousands of bacteria that are always present on plant surfaces.

Bacteria in the vase water is the most common cause of xylem blockage affecting water uptake. Bacteria also damage the structure of the flower scape and speed up the senescence by releasing toxic substances.

HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) with a powerful antibacterial activity can inhibit bacterial growth and reduce water deficit in stems and leaves. Studies show that HOCl reduces microbial populations on fresh-cut flowers and extends the vase life of flowers and plants (Izumi, 2001).

The HOCl solution also reduces the development of bent-neck of flowers and reduces the wilted leaf percentage of plants. By inhibiting the bacterial growth with HOCl, your blooms and greens look fresh for longer.

HOCl can protect the entire lifespans of flowers, plants & crops. Plants need to be healthy from the time they are seeds all the way to their harvest. HOCl solution supports clean and healthy root zones, seeds, clones, clone blocks, plants and flowers.

Studies show that HOCl present in irrigation water can promote the initial growth level of plants in account of its disinfection capability that suppresses pathogen activity and promotes growth (Ibrahim et al., 2015).

For more information on the Australian Owned & Made, Blubae Botanical Spray, please click on this link: https://lddy.no/w0rk

HOCl is a powerful antibacterial agent, which eliminates pathogenic microorganisms that are present in the surrounding vicinity of growing crops or plants (Ibrahim et al., 2015).

With strong sanitising power, the HOCl solution does not cause discolouration of the flowers or develops leaf abscission. It does not leave any toxic chemical residue which can burn plant tissues or alter the taste of the harvest. It is also non-irritating and non-sensitising on human and animal skin. HOCl is safe for use at home, in your garden and at an industrial level.

This Botanical Spray is manufactured in Queensland, on the Gold Coast and is ideal for general use to prolong the life of cut flowers once they are in your home and for florist’s use to help ensure that the flowers you buy last for as long as possible.

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