Just-Brill Thermometer Blood Pressure Monitor DigiPulse DigiThermo Site Launched

Just-Brill, the Brighton based technology online store, has announced the launched of a new site. It offers a digital ear thermometer that can be used on babies and adults, and a blood pressure monitor.

A new site has launched for Brighton company Just-Brill, which offers high quality technological products for its customers. These include the DigiThermo infra-red ear thermometer and the DigiPulse wrist blood pressure monitor. Both products were created in keeping with the company goal of always sourcing the best materials to ensure the highest quality, as the company prides itself both on its product goals and on providing expert customer service.

More information can be found on the Just-Brill website at: http://just-brill.com.

The site explains that the aim of Just-Brill is to ensure customers get the best products available at the best prices, and delivering them in a hassle free way. Just-Brill explains that they aim to make every customer feel as though they’ve been well looked after throughout the buying process.

On the product listing page where customers can find out more about the digital wrist blood pressure monitor, it explains that one in three adults in America suffers from high blood pressure. This can increase their risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease and eye damage.

A simple tool like the digital wrist monitor can keep owners from becoming victims of these silent killers. It helps users to identify and keep track of high blood pressure, and allows them to track and record 60 readings before comparing results. The large LCD display ensures results are easy to read, and it boasts an automatic shut down feature to preserve battery life. http://amazo.me/eu0u

Full product details are also available for the digital ear thermometer, which comes complete with a dual measuring function allowing users to work in both Celcius and Fahrenheit. Full usage instructions are provided on site, with an added video showing customers how they can get the device working by removing the battery isolation tab.

The DigiThermo battery has enough charge to last for 4,000 readings, and it shuts itself down automatically after one minute of inactivity. It also has a record feature that tracks the last nine temperatures taken, which can be seen by pressing the on/recall button. http://amazo.me/ywz8

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