Just-Brill Best Digital Baby Ear Thermometer DigiThermo Launched

A new digital baby thermometer has been launched by Just-Brill, where it is available on Amazon. The DigiThermo is a high quality device that reads in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Just-Brill has announced the launch of a new digital baby ear thermometer, which can also take the temperature of anyone who uses it. The DigiThermo was created after the company researched the digital thermometer market and discovered that too many products were lacking in quality. Because of this, they sourced the best quality materials they could find and launched the DigiThermo in a bid to offer their customers the best thermometer available.

More information can be found on the Just-Brill website at: http://just-brill.com.

The site explains that, while researching the thermometer market, Just-Brill found that although many products looked the same, the materials used were often poor quality, thinner, and sometimes the functions they were supposed to provide simply didn’t work, like changing the temperature scale from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Because of this, they set out to ensure that the Just-Brill DigiThermo accomplishes what the other products can’t. When Just-Brill set about creating their digital baby thermometer, they wanted to ensure that the scale switch feature was there and worked well, so that users didn’t have to find a conversion scale to every time they use it.

The site goes on to say that the DigiThermo comes well protected and packaged, and is safe from any rough handling at the warehouse or through the postal service. The product comes with an easily recyclable cardboard box, and inside this is a zip up case which contains the DigiThermo itself.

Full instructions for using the product are provided on the company website, where there is also a YouTube video showing customers how remove the battery isolation tab and begin using the product. This also shows users how to change the battery when they need to, although Just-Brill explains that the device will provide around 4,000 readings per battery.

Full instructions and features are provided on the Just-Brill website, where interested parties can also get in touch with the company for more information. The DigiThermo is also available for purchase on Amazon and has a discount site here when available: http://amazo.me/ywz8

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