Jungle Gym Climbing Dome With Waterproof Canopy Safe Backyard Climber Released

Yardsong released new video reports on the Zupapa 2020 Upgraded Dome Climber, a sturdy jungle gym with a waterproof canopy.

Yardsong, a website specializing in high-quality consumer information, released new video reports on the Zupapa 2020 Upgraded Dome Climber. A jungle gym with a sturdy steel frame and a waterproof canopy, the dome offers various outdoor exercise and play opportunities for children of all ages.

More details can be found at http://yardsong.com and https://amzn.to/2UsRihB.

The new reports aim to provide useful information for parents interested in buying a high-quality jungle gym for their children. The Zupapa 2020 Upgraded Dome Climber features thicker steel pipes to significantly improve the sturdiness of the climbing dome. It can now support up to six children for a combined weight of up to 750 pounds.

The newly updated jungle gym also features a waterproof canopy to allow children to play under it on rainy days. All Zupapa Upgraded Dome Climbers come with a three-year warranty on the frame and one-year warranty on the canopy.

The jungle gym is very easy to install by following the instructions in the manual. The light construction makes it suitable for various types of terrain, and also easy to move around as needed.

A satisfied customer said: “The Zupapa jungle gym is amazing! It’s very sturdy, big and beautiful, absolutely beyond my imagination. The instruction is very clear and easy to follow up, reading the manual before assembly save lots of my time. My three and six year-old kids and their friends will climb on it as long as they at home, and it still looks new. I think my grandkids might also climb it. The climber is lightweight so that I can move it around when I need to repair my grass. I would highly recommend it!”

With the latest reports, Yardsong continues to expand its range of high-quality consumer resources.

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