Jump Rope For Sports Athletes & Fitness Beginners Site Launched

Sports professionals, fitness enthusiasts and new comers to exercise now have the jump rope ProBox by EMVA Sports available to them, with the launch of EMVA's new site and online store dedicated to the jump rope.

EMVA Sports has launched a new site and online store for its sports jump rope ProBox for sports professionals and fitness enthusiasts.

For more information about the Enva Sports jump rope ProBox, visit the new site via the following link: https://www.amazon.com/EMVA-Sports-available-Practical-Fashionable/dp/B012FOHCMM.

Made by EMVA Sports, the jump rope ProBox is the only all in one jump rope set fitness solution complete with carrying case, offering a practical and aesthetic functionality to users. The attractive design is from Germany and it offers a high quality finish. Full images are available on the new site and online store.

Two unique features of the EMVA sports jump rope ProBox, as featured on the new site, include the following: AirGo handles, ergonomically shaped handles that are designed to merge with the user’s fingers, minimizing any unnecessary tension in the hands to keep them relaxed; and

SlipLess straps, designed so that the user never loses grip and retains a comfortable hand feel regardless of sweat or the intensity of the workout. These combine together seamlessly with the smooth speed ball bearing system and the 4 mm thick polyester coated stainless steel roper to complete the system.

The ProBox sports jump rope set features includes 6 accessories, which are stored in a customized foam insert inside the case: an extra cable, a nylon bad, a pair of SlipLess straps, an extra pair of finishing rings, an extra pair of screws and a hex (or Allen) key. It’s convenient to use and portable to carry around. Champion boxer Maricela Cornejo is a fan of the ProBox sports jump rope, as seen on the new site.

The EMVA sports jump rope is available in two day shipping from the web store checkout and a 30 day full money back guarantee. The manufacturer recommends not using it on concrete surfaces such as driveways and asphalt, unless duct tape is applied to the middle section that hits the ground, in order to protect the polyester coating that may wear down over time. Instead, it recommends the jump rope for use on hardwood floors and mats.

Customers and users of the EMVA sports jump rope ProBox product are happy with the product; many have already left positive feedback on the new site. It’s ideal for people who are into boxing, CrossFit and MMA, as well as other athletes and also for fitness beginners, for body conditioning.

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