Jumeirah Dubai Breast Lift/Tummy Tuck Best Mommy Makeover Procedures Launched

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Dr Tarek Aesthetics (+971 56 960 5146) has launched a mommy makeover procedure that includes tummy tucks and breast lifts for women after multiple pregnancies, deliveries, or rapid weight loss.

The new mommy makeover treatments offer women a way to regain their youthful appearance through mastopexy and abdominoplasty procedures performed by Dr. Tarek Bayazid, a body contouring and facial rejuvenation specialist with international experience. Besides the primary aspects of the mommy makeover procedure, Dr. Tarek also offers adjuvant liposuction for arms and thighs.

For more details, please visit https://www.drtarekaesthetics.com/procedure/tummy-tuck-surgery-dubai

With the launch of the mommy makeover procedure, Dr. Tarek can help clients with weakened abdominal muscles achieve a more youthful appearance. The procedure is also ideal for clients with excess skin around their midsections, and sagging breasts because of multiple pregnancies or rapid weight loss.

Breasts can grow up to a full cup size or more during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Returning to normal might cause a considerable loss of breast volume and lead to sagging. The mommy makeover procedure is a way to get a woman’s physique back after childbirth.

Excess skin in front of the belly, as well as fat that produces hanging or loose skin, is removed during the tummy tuck procedure. Before performing the procedure, Dr. Tarek determines whether a patient requires a full or a minor tummy tuck based on their medical history, anatomy, and goals.

A variety of circumstances causes sagging breasts, including age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity, genetic factors, and drastic weight gain or weight loss. The mastopexy procedure lifts drooping breasts and restores their youthful appearance. The procedure can also move drooping or low-lying areolas to a more central and elevated position.

About Dr. Tarek Aesthetics

Dr. Tarek Bayazid of Dr. Tarek Aesthetics is a well-known plastic surgeon in Dubai who offers a wide range of aesthetic operations, from non-surgical augmentation to a comprehensive list of surgical procedures. He takes a patient-centered approach, which has resulted in outstanding results for his clients.

A satisfied client said: “The procedure was done perfectly, just as I wanted. Dr. Tarek has been such a kind, supportive, and caring doctor at every stage. I highly recommend Dr. Tarek and his team. With him, you will be in safe hands.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.drtarekaesthetics.com/procedure/breast-lift-mastopexy

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