Jrue Holiday Partners With eSmartr To Promote Smart Compression Sleeve

Neuroscience company eSmartr is announcing their partnership with NBA All-Star Jrue Holiday to promote the benefits of smart compression sleeves and wearable technology.

Neuroscience company eSmartr, creators of the innovative Smart Compression Sleeve, and NBA All-Star Jrue Holiday announced their new partnership. Holiday is collaborating with the eSmartr company to help professional athletes and other sports enthusiasts across North America discover the competitive advantage offered by Smart Compression Sleeve technology, which is designed to generate energy, focus, and cognitive enhancement.

Co-founded by Yasmeen and Galen Dhaliwal, eSmartr helps high-achieving athletes, students, and gamers gain a competitive edge in achieving their goals without turning to performance-enhancing drugs or other unhealthy practices. In collaboration with NBA All-Star Jrue Holiday, eSmartr aims to amplify the healthy aspects of wearable technology and increase recognition of the Smart Compression Sleeve within the world of professional athletics.

Embedded with the company’s proprietary Cognitive Boost Technology, the Smart Compression Sleeve works through a scientifically proven touch technology method that improves cognitive abilities.

When skin receptors detect the tactile stimulation of the Smart Compression Sleeve, the process awakens cognitive networks that release an abundance of clarity and calmed intention. For professional athletes, this manifests in accurate split-second decision-making that can mean the difference between being on top of their game or being outplayed.

Athletes, gamers, and students alike can use the Smart Compression Sleeve to achieve higher levels of focus, improved memory, and a reduction in anxiety that results in energized flow states also known as “being in the zone.”

The mission at eSmartr is to stimulate the forces that push athletes, competitors, and students to deliver their best performances safely, naturally, and easily.

The eSmartr company’s partnership with NBA All-Star Jrue Holiday gives high achieving individuals the opportunity to follow in the steps of one of the most successful names in sports by turning to the Smart Compression Sleeve to remove mental barriers and yield top competitive performances.

Smart Arm Compression sleeves can be purchased directly from the eSmartr company website.

Jay Dhaliwal, eSmartr CEO says “We’re very excited to be working with Jrue Holiday. When it comes to split-second decision-making and delivering under pressure, Jrue is an amazing advocate.”

Visit https://esmartr.com/blogs/articles/esmartr-and-nba-all-star-jrue-holiday-announce-partnership-over-smart-compression-sleeves to learn more.

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