JR Copier of Minnesota Announces New Partnership with Prominent Manufacturer

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JR Copier of Minnesota & Copystar, team up to serve local Minneapolis, St. Paul, Mn customers by upgrading their equipment and launching their new 3 TIERED color print program, and also helping to minimize waste, using a simple, solution that recycles 100% of every container.

JR Copier of Minnesota, LLC (dealer) and Manufacturer, Kyocera Copystar have announced a strategic partnership going forward.

Full details on the partnership can be viewed here: http://www.minnesotacopiers.com/

The partnership will encompass JR Copier of Minnesota has become a Kyocera Copystar dealer for the full line of copiers and printers, JR Copier of Minnesota will be able to sell and support the full line of products in the Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota area which will have the benefit of give full technical support.

Now, customers of both companies can expect lower cost of printing and increase productivity, local Kyocera Copystar service and support for the for the Midwest region and expand 3 TIERED print solutions to Minnesota customers.

As part of a long-term strategy, the two companies hope to Reduce foot print, simple environmentally friendly equipment. When asked about the new joint venture, Mr. Rafael Machado from JR Copier of Minnesota, LLC said, “Happy to offer responsible ECO foot print, while lowering costs”.

Mr. Pikala of JR Copier of Minnesota is also excited about the venture, saying “recycling Kyocera toner containers is easy with ECO footPRINT. Get a box, fill, seal, send, DONE!” A simple, no-cost solution that recycles 100% of every container. Ask a local authorized dealer! Learn more.

Current and future customers are invited to learn or visit JR copier to see how the joint venture will benefit by visiting the website at http://www.minnesotacopiers.com.

About JR Copier of Minnesota, LLC has been operating in the local Minnesota market for over 20 years, and have started the expansion into Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa, and in current negotiations to acquire other dealerships in mentioned states for a faster growth and expansion.

JR Copier of Minnesota, LLC was founded in 1990 and serves the Copier & Printer Sales, Service, Supplies and Managed Print, industry. – Kyocera Copystar was founded in 1959 and serves the manufacturing of office equipment technology and other industries.

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