JP Arco’s Case study on Dan Hollings’ The Plan Reevaluates Crypto Trading Bots

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This case study demonstrates that doing the Plan by Dan Hollings is a smart way to invest or trade cryptocurrency without being an expert.

JP, from , has revealed a new case study on The Plan by Dan Hollings. This case study demonstrates that Dan Holling’s The Plan is a smart way to invest or trade cryptocurrency without being an crypto expert.

The case study also made it obvious that volatility can be an advantage with crypto trading bots. The “wiggle,” as Dan Hollings calls it, allows the bot to trade small amounts of cryptocurrency at reasonable time automatically, and pockets the difference.

However, The Plan doesn’t rely on “buy low, sell high” strategies that usually only work in a bull market. The way Dan Hollings sets it up, using gap trading, the bots work well in all markets 24/7. Including the sideway and even bear market.

As the case-study proofs the Plan works, even when Bitcoin and other coins are crashing like they have been for almost a week. In week starting from Monday, Nov. 15th and ending on Sunday, Nov. 21st, the bots made a profit of $963.

The case-study has been running since the 1st of Nov. with the total bots profit of $2,568 , excluding PnL based on prices of cryptos. This resulted in a 17.2% ROI in less than a month.

With that said, the case-study was done by a person with no prior crypto trading bots knowledge or experience before following the Plan by Dan Hollings.

However, neither JP or Dan Hollings can guarantees such results or any in that matter. The results will depend on the individual and their commitment to the Plan. It’s also important to specify that the Plan includes other crypto based strategies but this case-study was limited to crypto bot trading only.

This case-study has been published strictly for educational and entertainment purposes and should not be taken as financial advice. owner JP Arco says there are many people looking for insights and answers about Dan Hollings’ The Plan. This case study reveals in a practical way what’s possible with the right information and guidance.

For more information or to test it go to the The Plan by Dan Hollings official site.

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