Joseph Lunne Dayton Ohio – Dayton entrepreneur offers fulfillment services

Joseph Lunne, a successful business entrepreneur, offers low-cost premiums that attract significant interest from members or subscribers, from premium items to adding digital library access.

Joseph Lunne of Dayton, Ohio has been in the magazine fulfillment services (Specialized Fulfillment Services) business for over 45 years, and, like all things, change is the only constant. One recent trend has proven to offer exceptional results and greatly improved customer loyalty. The change is a simple one that could be implemented by any publisher. SFS is an exceptional company that delivers great service customers and satisfaction.

Unfortunately, SFS has seen some large publishers fail as of late, however, small to medium-sized publishers have been able to thrive in the COVID 19 environment if the company were strategic in mail budget during this time of period. Specialized Fulfillment Services (SFS) are here to help any company to be successful during these hard times. SFS is here to set out to do challenging tasks with both consistency and discipline and commitment in SFS obligations to each company that gets results for the clients.

The change is a shift from the traditional term of “subscriber” to “member.” The word “member” as simple as it seems, ties a reader more closely to the brand and its mission and instills a sense of belonging and community.

“On the for-profit side of the publishing world, SFS is seeing customers offer a variety of premiums that come with the membership program,” says Joseph Lunne, Dayton, Ohio, principal partner at SFS company that has started back in 1974. “Many publishers are now soliciting paid with order premiums with many direct mail projects,” Lunne says. The key to success in this area is to offer a premium that has a perceived value to the customer and also over-delivers. “SFS company have seen publishers offering low-cost premiums that have attracted significant interest from members or subscribers, from premium items to adding the digital library access. It is also critical to include the business reply envelope with the original offer, as SFS are seeing many customers willing to pay with the order and that helps cash flow for the publisher and customers seem to be happy to provide the payment with the order.

SFS is always seeking quality people to work in this type of industry.

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