Joseph A. Lunne Celebrates 47 years in subscribers fulfillment

SFSDayton is celebrating its 47 years since 1974 year anniversary and reveals some of its big wins and challenges it faced getting this far. More information on the business can be found at

SFSDayton is celebrating 47th Anniversary, which commemorates 47 years since 1974 Ever challenging with the change of times but yet fulfilling years in business. This is a huge milestone for the Dayton, Ohio USA-based Magazine Fulfillment Services business, which has provided Magazine Fulfillment Services to helping publishers meet their ever-changing market demands since 1974.

SFSDayton started in 1974, when founder Joe Lunne, seized an opportunity that became what is now SFSDayton.

One of the earliest challenges SFSDayton faced was the digital age that came quickly, fulfillment business became the catalyst and opportunity.

While every business of course faces challenges, some, like SFSDayton are fortunate enough to enjoy real successes, wins, and victories too. Once such victory came when “One of the high points of SFSDayton’s history so far was the turnkey partnerships is unparalleled and thrive on helping publishers meet their mission that is ever-changing market demands..”.

The customer service department at SFSDayton was also quoted when discussing another big win. “One of the high points of SFSDayton’s history so far was Subscription fulfillment has been SFS business for the past 45 years- SFS juggle all the balls so the clients don’t have to. It’s as simple (and complex) as that. If clients need reassurance, SFS will provide the number of the first client who’ll be happy to tell how SFS still exceeding the fulfillment needs today..”

SFSDayton’s Founder, Joe Lunne, says “it is awesome and delighted to be celebrating the 47th year anniversary. As the quote saying by Mr. Lunne believes the secret to getting this far in business today is simplicity, accessibility, flexibility- it is not just buzz words, adapted for a website. They’re hallmarks of how a business is run, setting SFS apart and creating a truly specialized subscriber fulfillment experience. The expertise of SFS gives the confidence to focus on publication development, leaving all the “little stuff” in trusted hands.”.

SFSDayton currently consists of 15 employees and has big plans for the upcoming year. One of their core objectives is “Why Choose” SFS, simply put, the mission is to excel in serving all the customer’s needs, no matter what it takes. SFS is small enough to care but large enough to accomplish the task at hand- effectively managing fulfillment business. SFS differentiation comes from a solid, experienced team along with

• Excellence in Customer Service

• Real-time Systems

• Custom Reporting

• Web Systems/IT Outsourcing

• Dedicated Client Partnership.

SFSDayton would also like to thank friends, customers, and all its partners for their good wishes on this happy occasion.

More information on the business can be found at

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