Jose the Reindeer Co. Helps Makes Memories & Fun Family Traditions

Jose the Reindeer Co. announced the availability of their new "Jose the Reindeer Box Set" beginning 11/28/21. More information can be found at

Customers looking for the latest in what’s new for Christmas traditions will soon be able to purchase Jose the Reindeer Box Set by Jose the Reindeer Co.. Today Ernest Olivarez , at Jose the Reindeer Co. releases details of Jose the Reindeer Box Set’s development.

Jose the Reindeer Box Set is designed to appeal specifically to Texan families/Those involved in children’s literature & Bilingual Education/Parents with small children/All of the Latin American community/ and includes:

A Soft & Cuddly Plush Toy – This feature was included because unlike the Elf, kids can hold him, love him, move him around and take pictures! There are no difficult rules to memorize or follow. He adopts in the family and is now part of a loving home and follows the family rules!. This is great news for parents! It allows them to sit back and enjoy the family with no additional stress on the holidays..

A Bilingual Book – The centerpiece of this box set, tells a fun and exciting story of how someone, who’s a little different, saves Christmas day when Santa gets stuck in San Antonio. Customers spend time with children and read the book over and over again.

The Theme Song – Jose the Reindeer Co. made sure to make this a fun part of the Box Set. It is music to the ears! Not only are there several amusing versions of the theme song but it also include many bonus Christmas songs. Children might not stop singing the Jose the Reindeer song! The Jose the Reindeer Company guarantees that the music and melodies stay in the hearts long after the story has been read!

Ernest Olivarez , when asked about Jose the Reindeer Box Set said:

“Jose the Reindeer is an effortless alternative to the Elf traditions. Kids and parents can enjoy new traditions and have fun with the family and Jose”.

This is Jose the Reindeer Co.’s first release of a new product and Ernest Olivarez is particularly excited about this release because how it can help increase love, joy, and peace for all families helping them make memories and share Holiday Traditions. .

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